The Greasy-Haired Bad-English-Speaking Non-Technical-Looking Tuition Teacher

…Here comes the story of the student who has to face a Greasy-Haired Bad-English-Speaking Non-Technical-Looking Engineering Tuition Teacher.

I pay 4 digit number fees for the tuition and all I get is some sinister, creepy man, who looks confused at the first look and all the consecutive looks after that.

He isn’t fluent at whatever he talks and it seems as if his tongue is stuck to the base or top of the mouth.

His hand-writing is barely recognizable and he hardly waits for the students to finish copying from the board.

There is a lack of proper-organization in the class timings and durations.

Plus, the students sitting beside you have drastically matching skills with the teacher.

To add a little more to it, I am realizing (after attending a couple of lectures) that the subject wasn’t ‘that’ difficult after all. And I would have rather bought 4 books at the 1/4th price of the tuition fees and secured a little above passing marks.

In short, (as there is no money-refund policy) the TRAGIC-END of the story is that….
I have to continue this tuition for this semester (with the hope of getting more than passing-marks.)

Next time I better be more careful.


13 thoughts on “The Greasy-Haired Bad-English-Speaking Non-Technical-Looking Tuition Teacher

  1. @Mannu

    Thank you. 😀


    Because even the lecturer at the college sucks big time!
    I hope these two negatives get me double positive score 😀

  2. Never take tuition. It means that you don’t want to use your brain to learn. Learn on your own and be happy with whatever marks you get. I bet you’ll be able to apply things much better than others.

  3. @Guttu
    I agree with you. I am also against the tuition system.

    Right now, it’s just a hangout place for the old friends to meet and share the griefs of their respective colleges and plan new strategies to tackle with the lectures and the lecturers.

    But on the other hand, I feel pity at the state of the whole system.
    Students don’t get proper guidance anywhere (at any price they pay)

    Books are the only ones than can come to the rescue!
    Study buddies..

  4. @ K :Looks like some one is seriously under-estimating the power of a teacher. I agree many of them are of the ‘type’ you pointed out, but not all. There are people in academia who are living for it. to teach and let others surpass them. 🙂

    @Ankita : Don’t worry, I had picked up tutions for one semister and gave up the next,, they would call me up to either cancerl a class or postpone for next day for a in-convinient timing.
    This is actually a serious problem, when IIT B itself is falling short of 300 lecturers, we can see where is this all going.

  5. No, as I mentioned in the post, it isn’t that tough after all.

    All we do is draw lines between states q0, q1, q2…i.e. transitions.

    And its OK of you to ask about the subject… Engineers are curious 24X7 😀

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