My Incompatibility with shopping and shopkeepers

It’s wedding season.
At my house, a wedding is just a few days away
And the term wedding is synonymous with shopping. (..Or so people think)
Wedding is preceded by countless trips to the shops, malls or the chief-shopping-areas in the city.

A close friend keeps telling me that it’s not good to display or show your weak points in public.

But, I frankly admit it before all. I am fundamentally incompetent and hopeless at shopping.

If you go with me to the shopping, this is a scene you would experience typically an average 8 out of 10 times…

It’s a sluggy afternoon. I enter the shop. My face is reflecting ignorance and my body movements:  apathy and lethargy.
I drag along.
Almost all shopkeepers are either tired of showing the same stuff 50 times a day or become edgy the moment they see my face.

I am neither anxious to watch the variety in the market nor in leaving the shop with a big grin on the face after bargaining the price for twenty minutes.

I just don’t like it. It might be a mental block. But, I can’t help it.

Almost everybody who goes shopping with me either returns after shouting at me or super-irritated!

Even today, I prefer mom bringing clothes for me.

I just don’t understand…Is shopping really worth spending all the time in the world? Shouldn’t it be simple and quick!

Back to the wedding…I dislike spending hours in “buldi” (the leading shopping area) searching for matching bangles, perfect material covers or taam-jhaam jewellery.
What I am ONLY interested is in the Chana-Chor-Gram and pineapple juice sold there! 😛


3 thoughts on “My Incompatibility with shopping and shopkeepers

  1. I have similar point of view. When I go for shopping, I already have in mind what I want. So I ask for that. They show me and add some trendy stuff. I pick what I like and I ask him for the final price. That’s it. It finishes within minutes. I get what I like to wear and I am ready to give the price. Asking for final price is an easy way to lower the price.

    Exception is when there is a beautiful girl in shop either as salesgirl or as customer 😀

  2. This is wrong yaar, be a perfect lady, shopping ko dil se karna shuru karo,shuru mein thoda boring hoga phir dheere dheere aadat lag jaayegi , mere saath bhi aisa hi hua tha, but u ca’nt run away of it, afterall u r a lady. being a lady dis iz u’r responsibility to shop like anything.

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