The frightening future

As an individual we live and lead by hanging onto our dreams.
Dreams, about a bright future or about the days when we would have all the things that we have long desired for. We spend all our life waiting for our dream to happen in reality; which only the future knows and only the future slowly unfolds.

But don’t you think, future’s main quality is to be uncertain?
This thought daunts me every now and then.

Recently, I have been over-exposed to thoughts about anti-social elements (terrorism, religious fanaticism, racial discrimination, corruption, gender bias and what not!)

What we read in newspapers and see on television, (I am sure you will agree), doesn’t give a slightest signal of a single step towards the great vision 2020. I would rather say it’s getting exactly the reverse way.

The famous 9/11 then our own 26/11, the continual riots between “x” and “y” community, many wild species are nearing extinction, there is a rise of the ‘educated but below average’ standard generation, the natural resources are perishing daily, canny corruption is happening behind every closed door; and what else do I mention?

If a person wants to go ahead with goodwill and due concern about the betterment of the society, there are 10 other people surrounding him/her with opposite intentions. Then whom does logic say has more chances of persisting?

Well, all say, who doesn’t want to live in a good cultured society?
But, everyone has a “reason” for behaving in the wrong way, for breaking the rules, for cheating, for doing frauds and scam.

Today, what does every nation, community or party demonstrates?

…That we are no small to anybody else. We can equal or abolish or eradicate you at our own will.

Political Parties and communities say we have huge man power; follow us or you will be busted. That means; just give them a due reason and they won’t waste a second in creating havoc!
Nations publicly declare that we have nuclear power. That means, try getting to our and we are ready for a war!

In short, Hatred is begetting Hatred.

Today, people like you & I, live for the dreams of tomorrow.
But isn’t tomorrow suddenly predictable?
And seeming to be very dangerous and unsafe.

What if I dream of world tours and plush houses and sedans and lavish standard of living?
Will that be possible in the future which right now only promises to bring depression, scarcity, misery, unhealthy people, risky, treacherous environment and above them all an non-free society?

Will, like us; the generations yet to come ever dream about a bright future?

I don’t ever want people dear to me dying in bomb explosions or plane crashes. I don’t want to see the innocents getting punished ruthlessly. I don’t want experience war situation in my country. I don’t want live a scary and sad life!

Will this hatred continue into the III world war and lead to the end of the world (as shown in the documentaries of India TV every second day!)?

Out and out, right now, I am feeling bad.


4 thoughts on “The frightening future

  1. Well I can totally sympathise with your thoughts. There seems to be no solutions to all these intermingled crisis. And now what’s left for us is to make our own world of dreams and try to be as faithful towards it as we can.

  2. Rewind and go back 20-30 years back. The things you wrote before “what not” existed even then. Don’t you thing India made a progress in these years? It will take time but India will get there.

    We have to die one day. So why live a scary and sad life? You are scared and sad because you want to.

  3. @ Guttu

    Agreed. That I was feeling sad because I wanted to.
    But, don’t you feel that what’s been going on for ages will someday reach up to the brim….and then overflow!
    (Duh! I hate sounding negative)

    & yes, we can all try to live happy lives till the end of the world.

  4. I agree with u, but don’t be that mch negative, after all u told urself that quitting is not the way and so do’nt feel bad as it signifies, that u can’t do anything and u r helpless.

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