What do you do when people accuse you? – For some reason or no reason.

  • Fight the words back.

  • Say, “Forget it!”

  • Keep mute (throughout!)

  • Make faces reflecting: I don’t care.

  • Say sorry 20 times.

  • Take their leave.

  • Joke it off.

  • Feel like: “Kaha fas gaye.”

  • Back fire accusing questions at them.

  • Say “whatever..”

  • Apologize.

  • Say, “Ok. So what?”

  • Create jokes by jumbling their words.

  • Ask them, “What would you have done, had you been in my place?”

  • Say, “Chill. It won’t happen again.”

  • Feel depressed and frustrated.

  • Pretend you’ve got an urgent call.

…so you see, I was sitting and considering all options. But seriously, what would you do in such a situation.
Choose to comment from one of the above options or let me know if you do something else.


7 thoughts on “What do you do when people accuse you? – For some reason or no reason.

  1. Depends:

    I] if there is my mistake in particular thing, then I will do the following
    • “Say sorry”
    • “Apologize”
    II] if there is ‘nothing’ related to me on that particular thing,
    “Keep mute (throughout!)” – Then will tell him – “Forget it!” – Because that all is ‘not’ at all related to me – and – “Take their leave.”

    That’s my answer.[:-)]

    Funny Part – Please don’t take it otherwise. Starts now…

    Now, don’t “Create jokes by jumbling these words”.
    Don’t “Joke it off”.
    Now by reading this you are “Feeling like sort of depressed and frustrated”.
    I’ll say, “Chill. It won’t happen again”.
    So, now you will “Fight the words back to me”.
    I’ll say “whatever..”
    Now you are fed up from all this stuff, so you “Back fire accusing questions at me”
    and “Feeling like: Kaha fas gaye..”
    My answer to this is “Ok. So what?”
    “What would you have done, had you been in my place?”
    You are now “Pretending you’ve got an urgent call”.
    Huh…“I am making faces reflecting to that: I don’t care”
    I have used all the options from your list. What say?? [:-D] [:-P]

  2. OMG!!! What’s the ratio of two comments.. Let me calculate first..
    It’s 23:1 line. 😦 (excluding blank lines. 😛 )

    I am just saying “Forget it.” and “Taking leave” because “Feeling like sort of depressed and frustrated” 😀

  3. Depends on the situation..
    If mom accuses, its better to keep mute 😉

    *Likes Likes* at the comments 🙂

  4. I was just going through the post and comments…
    I realized that the post sounds too much like:

    MTV’s “Gone in 60 seconds”

    What do you think?

  5. Sorry. 😦
    Yaar, no idea about TV. Seriously, it’s now 8-10 months or more, maine TV nahi dekha. :-O
    But, you think, it’s similar to ‘that’ show, then Ok. I am also in. I agree 😛

  6. Wel…most easiest is to “Chill,it wont b repeated again!”
    coz after that u r sort of chilled out and u can easily chuck toff the other person’s bad mood!

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