Small town girl

I live in a city. But if you compare it citizens-wise, it is indeed a small town. So, I am a small town girl. (i.e. my city not being a metropolitan one)

Well, this is definitely not something to bother about.
But, something else is.
Being from a so called ‘less-developed’ or ‘less-forward’ town has its own pros and cons. Like, there are some things about which I am still completely unaware of.

When I went to a trekking camp a year before,
I found people using the f-word more frequently than the times they wanted to appear cool-er than others.
…or the use of phrase ‘w..t..f.. yaar..’ as if it was an obvious exclamation to an amazing scene before you or an immediate reply to something miserable.

I’ve found people (from even my own city) who don’t understand a bit about our culture, our traditions but talk complete (like what they normally say) ‘bullshit’ about social awareness and sporting T-shirts having slogans Save Nature- Save Trees.

I’ve found youngsters who talk of how cool hookahs are! Or the ones who would definitely try beer once they have enough money.

Now, this is something that DEFINITELY bothers me.

Why isn’t the Indian style the most ‘in-thing’ today?
Why isn’t Desi-pan the coolest happening thing today?

And yeah, forgot to mention “MTV-Rock on”…they say they will create a complete Desi Rock Band.
I bet they don’t have the slightest idea of what pure ‘rock’ is!
And don’t you agree that screaming out the Bollywood songs doesn’t even have a small amount of Indian-ness, let alone rock in it?

Well, so I figured out, may be I am a small town girl or

I would rather put it this way…my thoughts are small-townish.

I am sure you must be aware of the hundreds of TV Serials coming up today with the almost same theme:

“small-town-girls-coming-to-big-cities-and-struggling-to-find-their-own-pehchaan……and bla bla bla.. ”

I hope, I didn’t sound like the leads in those serials.

Because, I am sure you are quite smart and by now you’ve got my point. Correct?


2 thoughts on “Small town girl

  1. Language is to express. I don’t mind anyone using the f word if the situation is like that. Unfortunately, MTV and english movies made the use of that word very common for no reason at all.

    The situation you are in occurred with me when I was a fresher. Later on I adjusted. Problem arises only when you accidentally use that word in front of family.

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