Airtel Customer Care

I have an airtel prepaid card from about an year now.

Last to last month,Β  these Customer care guys had deducted 30 rupees from my prepaid balance as a part of “Job Alerts Service” and same for some stupid service called : “Audio Cinema”

Obviously, I had not activated any such services. So I had to contact the Customer Care. But all my friends, who use Airtel, must agree with me on one thing. And that is, the Airtel’s customer care official never picks up the phone…atleast the first 10 times. So, I got through the eleventh time. And deativated these services.
But money once gone was gone. 😦

Now after that, I was receiving a SMS from their Customer Care number 54321 as : “You have been renewed for Bikinirichalert-3dayfree subscription service from Airtel. You have been charged Re 1″ ….everydayΒ  (for past I dont know how many days!)
And then after receiving this message immediately Re 1 is deducted from my account. cry Just imagine…Daily! cry

When I woke up today, I again got the same idiotic Bikinirichalert message. mad Now it got to my nerves!

Enough is Enough people. I had tolerated enough.

I thought, now this thing has to be fixed.
So, I searched on the internet and sent a complaint-email to and

And added at the bottom that I want it to be deactivated immediately and my money should be refunded (or else I would have to forward this mail to the Consumer Forum)
I hope you look into the matter at the earliest. πŸ™„

And guess what. At 4 pm, I have got 48 Rs back in my balance. And an apology letter in my mailbox. :mrgreen:

So, don’t suffer fellas! Take action.
Jaago re!


6 thoughts on “Airtel Customer Care

  1. well done yar these Airtel customer care people deserve more worst than this even i am fedup of their stupid messages……

  2. Oh my god. Great. πŸ˜€
    Maine bhi liye hai FULL 80 Rs back from Airtel. πŸ˜‰
    And yes, I also want to unsubscribe few services ( not only one 😦 ) I think you know what is that all about..
    Apne project work se chalte aa raha hai woh sab 😦

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