Left ill-equipped

When it’s summer; the weather is chilly. And our wet clothes in balcony don’t dry.
When it’s monsoon; we have 40+ degrees temperature and no drop of rain and we can’t switch off the fan even at night.
When it’s winter; either it rains or the temperature fluctuates from high to not-so-high.

Now It’s October. And the corollary is its October Heat time.
But, it’s pouring outside.

Summer in Monsoon. Monsoon in Winter. Winter in Summer.
Nobody knows what’s going on. 😦

All this is probably the effect of Global Warming.

(The problem is: everybody knows this term. It’s Causes. And also it’s Effects. But nobody has any idea how to lessen it. Or nobody cares a damn.)

And amidst all this,
When I leave my house on a windy afternoon with mostly clear skies, I am caught in rain.

The trouble is I don’t understand which equipment to carry with me while going out:
Rain coat, Sun coat or Fur coat?

So there I am, left ill-equipped to shield against the weather.

And so I get fully drenched in rain. 😛


3 thoughts on “Left ill-equipped

  1. really yar i really dont understand what to wear n what to not dont know what will fall from the sky ha ha ha…

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