Intentionally or Accidentally

Just got a mail from a friend asking some query regarding using wordpress. And I realized than in last two years, I have intentionally or accidentally made so many people write blogs.

Some chose to say that they were inspired. Some didn’t.
Some already had ideas and some took only a little help.

But, never mind. I feel great thinking about the number of blogs that have come up in such a small time…
Some won’t like mentioning their name here.

So, a few of them are:

…And there are a few more, who say : “Construction work under progress” 😦

But, nevertheless, In all such creative months so far, blogging has become more close to my heart than before. 😀
And in future, I would continue to encourage people to start writing.

To people who already blog, please update your blogs more often!
We await reading from you.



8 thoughts on “Intentionally or Accidentally

  1. Here I would definitely like to mention that, I started my blog looking upto Ankita’s blog and I really liked/like the way she writes.. 😀 I never thought that I would be able to do it.. N now I Enjoy it.. 😉 Thanks to You 😛
    Keep reading!

  2. True, .I got the idea of writing from you. Thanks, its fun 🙂
    You are an amazing writer. Keep writing and people will automatically get inspired.

    Thanks for advertising my crap 😛

  3. Completely agree with Manjiri and Manashree.
    Ankita, you are really a good writer. It always feels different while reading your posts. It simply feels great. The topics are also ‘really’ new every time. 🙂
    Thanks for pushing me into the blogger world. 🙂
    and yes, also for mentioning blog into your post. 😛

    Keep blogging and reading!! 🙂

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