Why am I just giving the $$$$$ (MONEY)…. daily?

From Pre Primary to High School, from School to Diploma College, from there to the Engineering College, I am just giving the $$$$$ away.
In extra curricular activities or in my hobby classes the $$$$$ goes away.
In fund-raising for some cause at school or in organizing functions which only few with weary faces attend, the $$$$$ goes away.
In Diwali’s new dresses and sweets or in buying the colorful expensive gifts, the $$$$$ goes away.
In exam-ending parties, in the movie’s balcony tickets, in that irresistible new e-gadget that we desperately want at home, the $$$$$ goes away
In painting or renovating the house, in bringing home new cars and phones, the $$$$$ goes away.
In charging those cell phones and putting fuels in those vehicles, the $$$$$ goes away.
In filling examination forms, in boarding flights for long distance journeys, in air-conditioned malls, the $$$$$ just goes far, far away…

And this hurts!

Well, it wouldn’t have hurt that much, if the amounts of $$$$$ weren’t so HUGE! Today the cost of anything you want; starts in 4 digits….and extends to $0000000/- !

The education I have received till date is the costliest affair I (my parents) have dealt with. School being a convent demanded more than the others. The regular fees I pay to the college after scoring fairly well, nears the first 6 digit number.

The amount of $$$$$ given till today is

$$$$ + $$$$ + $$$$$ + $$$$$$ …… = $$$$$$!!

“Every thing” is at a price higher than the Chandrayaan!

Everywhere, everyday, we pay and pay and keep paying more and more….in some positive blurred, fuzzy hope of bringing it all back home some fine day.

More than half of us, i.e. the youth have ABSOLUTELY no idea whatsoever of how to “MAKE” $$$$$.
Because neither the convent nor the college taught it or is ever going to in future.

SRK says thoda aur wish karo….
Par SRK never says, wish ko puura kaise karo?

My close friends know how reluctant I am about giving money to anybody for anything. But, very few know that, everytime I have to ask my mum or dad for money (even 20 Rs.) I feel in the wrong, blameworthy and accountable!
Note: Mum or Dad never says no….even if I ask for 2$$$. Sometimes, they won’t even bother to ask for a reason.
But, it bothers me.

It kills me, when I see each day some people putting the piles and piles of Hari Patti…in their “gallas” and give hopeless services  to the payer/buyer/user.

The thing for which I feel more bad (worse) is : on TV, Internet, in Newspapers, everywhere….people are just taking $$$$$!
For stupidest things… (eg: voting some stupid reality show contestants, for stupider fairness creams, for more stupider issues not even worth mentioning!)

And what do we all do?
Give them the $$$$$!

Don’t you think, now is the time, we stop and think about how to make rather than how to spend money…

Next time someone asks me, “What will you do if you get $$$$$$$?”
I’ll Fire back at him/her, “Make $$$$$$$$$$$$$…..”

I HATE giving away money.
And I am trying hard to shut myself for giving it away for “things”, I am not sure are of any REAL importance.

Because, you know what?



9 thoughts on “Why am I just giving the $$$$$ (MONEY)…. daily?

  1. Its true that the education sucks money like anything on anything.

    But if not spend it on cars, gifts, paints, recharges, fuel, gifts, dresses, traveling, gadgets etc.. then why to earn, and make more money? To keep it safe or for charity?

    Though, its very disappointing how we teenagers empty our pockets.

  2. I feel good that all of you agree with my views.

    @ Manashree : It’s correct. That money is for buying all our comforts.
    But, I won’t think twice, only if I have so much money pouring from everywhere, that I don’t know what to do with it.

    Till then, I will keep hating spending the $$$$$ on atleast the useless and costly education.

  3. But we must feel lucky that we have $$$$ money to gain quality education. What about the people who have the capabilty but suffer from money problem?
    And we spend $$$$ to get $$$$-$$$$-$$$$-$$$$. So, its on us. How we wish to spend $$$$?
    What we gain after giving $$$$?
    Make best use of whatever you have/get. 🙂
    Good Luck… 🙂

  4. Nice one! I don’t know if you remember but you once said that if you have money (your own, i.e. earned by you yourself), you are able to pay a huge sum without hesitatation, but if you don’t then you hesitate to spend even 20 Rs. I already knew it but hearing it from someone else felt good. It really changed my way of thinking about $$$$$. Thanks to you. You really rock!! Way to go girl!!

  5. @ Monika
    Firstly : We don’t get even 2%”quality” education for the $$$$$ bucks we spend.

    Secondly :
    You won’t realize the real value of $$$$$ we have to give, till you also give it from YOUR pockets.

    Thirdly: We won’t get $$$$-$$$$-$$$$-$$$$ “due to” this education.
    We will get it only on our own earning skills (which no college teaches)

    So, it’s time; people like me, stop spending (so much!) and start earning.

  6. First: Only because you were in convent school, you are able to stand here with great skills. And I guess schooling is the base of any human being.
    Second: I know the actual value of MONEY but may be others dont know from what economical conditions we suffered from and how we are earning money even now. (only coz i never showed it)
    Third: No college teaches us the way of earning money but we actually gain various skills from whatever we are doing or learning now.
    Anyways, even I am not interested in WASTING money, I was just lightning up the +ve side of it. Even though it is just 10%. Education is must and we can save our money instead of wasting it on other not-that-necessary things.
    And its trully & totally on you, how you earn money or what you gain on behalf of $$$$.

  7. Ok..ok…chill. 🙂
    Every point you said…agreed and fully digested.
    Basic Education (till 10th) is must.
    But after that; to me “what type of education” is more important.

    My problem is just that I don’t find any of it “worth” the money.
    And the bigger problem is I haven’t found an “emergency exit” yet!
    That’s the reason why I pour out the junk from my head here.
    That’s it.

    I am on my way to finding that escape route from the traditional highway.
    The journey has just begun now.

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