Let’s not frighten them.

The festive season is in the air.
Ganesh festival has ended recently.
And now it is the time for Navrarti. A celebration of complete nine days.

Every festival has a certain “feel-good” factor associated with it.
I love festivals. Everything is jovial and fun-filled about festivals. Especially, I like the way they were started. In Hindu culture, festivals are closely associated with seasons. (This is the little amount of gyaan I have got from my Grandpa)

But, I realized a small ‘wrong’ thing with the way we celebrate our festivals, our happiness.

First, let me tell you one thing, I don’t know why, but I haven’t ever felt affection towards animals. I mean I would never feel cuddly about pets (especially cats or dogs) or I have always hated the predators that grab and cut the prey on “National Geographic” or I never thought that elephants or reptiles were cool! (And yes the bottom line always is that the “chipkali” sucks!)

Well…well….getting back to the point.

A few days back, in my Japanese class, my teacher’s pet dog Pluto…suddenly burst in the classroom, making mournful and miserable sounding noises. His voice was of pain. Suddenly for a moment I noticed that the usual loudly barking dog was in the most pitiful condition, it was bashing here and there in a terrified movement of searching a place to hide.

Obviously, in such a situation, my face reflected a question mark.
I asked my Sensei (teacher). Then she explained that the dog couldn’t bear the noise of the sandal playing 4 floors down the house on a nearby road! I listened keenly and realized that there indeed was a Ganpati-Visarjan Sandal playing somewhere nearby.
But the dog was frightened. Its misery was a depressing scene to my, (a non dog lover’s) eye.

After that, I noticed quite a few times, that the dogs ran in opposite direction of the Sandal or bands playing in marriage processions.

And then I remembered the noise pollution lessons from school. Our science teacher always said how noise pollution hurt animals and patients and aged-people. But we, like always, read it, mugged it up and wrote in the exams to forget it forever.

It’s a pity we overlook the other beings in “our” happiness.
It’s a shame we create noises instead of spreading peace.

Give it some thought friends!
Let me know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Let’s not frighten them.

  1. I know that you r really afraid of dogs but it really feels bad to see them when they are frigten of anything n its obvious coz they can hear 10 times more than us.

  2. Its been around 17 years, we had one dog or other at home. All of them were frightened of Diwali . Street dogs would run inside the house afriad of the fireworks. It feels so bad, when kids play mischief on dogs, by tying ‘ladi’ to thier tails.

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