A second world exists.

….on Earth!

Incidentally or accidentally, for the last few days, I have been regularly coming in contact with people of the ‘second world’.
These people roam and rotate “only” in their own world. May be they already know that there exists a first world (i.e. the world where people like me live) But, I became acquainted with “their” world just a couple of months back.

By now, you too must be becoming curious to know about this second world or the people belonging to it.
Here ends your wait.

There exists a world on earth, which belongs to people looking and behaving like you & I, staying with people like you & I….but quite different specie I must say.
These people can hardly be filed under the category of normal people. But, to them, they are like… the most ignorant to the fact that they are any different to the other world beings.

Yeah! Ok. That still doesn’t clear anything. Right?
So, I will simplify the matter a bit for you.

These people comprise of the majority of female clan.
Under basic needs they write: Food, Clothing, Shelter and…Cosmetics…in BOLD.
No. seriously! Blimey!

These second world people among my family and friends are intolerable. They constantly kept nagging me over the last weekend explaining me the importance of looking good and how cosmetics and unbearable (read un-wearable) clothes would help me doing that. They never give it a break.
Initially I thought that may be they are kidding. Or may be they just said such things because they found that to be a fun talk. But no! I was wrong. They “actually” use all those fancy product from the TV commercials and as the Garnier ad says they “Take good Care of themselves”!

To me, it’s completely unbelievable that people have time for all this stuff. Many of them kept telling me that my views will change after I get older.
And frankly…I absolutely don’t believe that part!

Conlusion : I am an alien or there exists this second world somewhere around us consisting of normal looking but, strange and bizarre people.
So, if you are like me… Watch out!


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