My friend leaves hometown

Disclaimer : The following poetry is entirely the work of the Marathi poet Sandeep Khare. I didn’t realize earlier that all of you would consider it as my own composition. That was my impolite mistake. 😦 And I apologize for the misunderstanding.

But I fondly mention that it’s resemblance with the situation and the live feelings within me was purely coincidental. And so I included it in here with proper editing to suit the scenario. I know you will understand.

Well, this post is meant to make you cry and make you feel as sad as I feel while writing it down. No! Seriously! I mean it.

So let me know if it was successful in doing so.

Gaadi sutali rumaal halale, kshanat dole tachkan ole
Gaadi sutali padale chehare, kshan sadhaya hasre jhale
Gaadi sutali hatamadhuni haat kapara tari sutena…
Antaratali olee maya, tutu de mhatale tari tutena…

Hey bhalte avaghad aste…
Kuni prachand avadnare, te dur dur jatanaa
Dolyanchya dekhat aani nahise, lamb hotana.
Dolyatun advun pani, hundaka rokhuni kanthi
Tumhi kevilvane hasata, Aani tumhas niyati hasate

Hey bhalte avaghad aste…
Tumhi mhanta manas ata, ha todayacha setu
Itkyat mhane ti mazya, kadhi gava yeshil ka tu.
Ti sahajach mahnuni jate, mag sahajach halavi hote.
He bhalte avaghad aste…

Hey bhalte avaghad aste…
Kalate ki geli vel, na ata sute na gaath
Apulyach manatil swapne ghevun mitavi muth
Hi muth ughadanyapurvi, chal nighuya paaul mhanate
Pan paaul nighanyapurvi, gaadich achanak nighate.
He bhalte avaghad aste…

Hey bhalte avaghad aste…
Paratichya vatevarati gudmurun jada payani
Othavar shil diwani, befikir pan thartharati
Pan kshan kshan vadhat asate, anatar he tumachya madhale!
Hey bhalte avaghad aste…

Hey bhalte avaghad aste…
Mitranshi hastanahi, hey dukhh chara charat asate
Hey bhalte avaghad aste…
Hey bhalte avaghad……..

She no more stays in Nagpur. No more at a walkable distance from my house. We are no more able to call each other and say, “Saali, 6 la bhet.” No more here. Not at all near.

Why did you have to suddenly go… soo.. far away?
May be it’s the way you always used to put it…
Tuza uttar mazya kade aahe, aani maaza tuzya kade.

Wherever you go...


6 thoughts on “My friend leaves hometown

  1. 😐
    Really no words to say..
    Mazya kharach dolyat paani ala..

    Pan ek sangte, khup jasta changla vyakta kelas..
    Manatle shabda sagale daravaje par karun padlya sarkhe vatle..
    Kharach yaar..
    Khupach sahi… 🙂

  2. Miss her a lot too. But seems she’s already gotten used to not being with us..The poetry was perfect.. Good going. Keep it up. Have a nice day. 🙂

  3. ankita…nw its my turn to wet my our friendship hs really transcended above all limits…itka lihaichi kaya garaj hoti pagal…bt one thing i am pretty sure aftr readin dis is someone up above is really happy with me to bless a friend you…

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