Biting the nails till they come off…

biting nailsIt’s declared that the results will be declared on the 20th of July.
….and this was declared 3 days before 20th!
So, it’s not that tough to imagine the emotional state in which I survived for 3 LONG days.

So, finally it is 20th. We all have obviously bunked the college.
Since morning I am walking around the house, (pretending to be pretty cool) while giving nervous glances at the Wall Clock!
Unlike the occasion of minutes before the theory paper, time isn’t racing away today.

The clock shows 2:30. I go online. But ‘waiting’ is something we’ve learned a lot in our years at the polytechnic.
While chatting with the friends online, the clock slowly struck 3.
I refresh the MSBTE page. And it shows either ‘Server down’ or ‘Connection has timed out’ I abuse MSBTE on yahoo messenger.
(Well, that’s all we can do….while making just mental plans about sending barking dogs after the folks @ MSBTE office)

We do this till 3:20 and then they display that the results will be declared at 4. We again… W.. A.. I.. T.. …WAIT!

At 4, we are very positive. And I am mentally prepared to see the numbers… **. **%. But then we are at the mercy of the great idiots at MSBTE. We try again hopelessly till 5:30. Then they say it will be declared at 7.
Yeah! Right! SEVEN PM. Some of my friends are already very sure and convince me that they won’t declare at even 7.

Still, we try till 7. No luck till 7:30.
Now totally frustrated, we leave for our Maths class at 7:30 pm.
And lo! In mid-way a friend calls to say… Results are declared.

Stuck in traffic, in honking horns and flashing head lights, we make our way back home.

Now, you might be thinking that the results are declared and that’s the sweet end of the story. But no!
Wo toh Bacche ki jaan lenge. They display that Result of only 6th semester students will be displayed tomorrow at 3 pm.

Then? Then What?

We again W A I T.. WAIT.

Next day early morning i.e. at 9 pm, due to over eagerness, I go online to take a chance.

And this is what you can call LUCK BY CHANCE 😛

I get the highest score.
I am overjoyed. I shout and I dance.

And this is the end of the story.
All’s well that end’s well. 🙂


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