My take on: “Pagalpanti bhi Zaruri hai”

Suggestions on:
How to amuse yourself while unsettling everyone else around you.
mrgreen (…in a good natured way, of course!)

  • Say nothing when you answer the phone. They rang you. They can speak first.
  • Whenever you see a burned out car, frustratedly try to unlock the door.
  • Assume every shop is a family business and use staff name tags to make personal enquiries about the team. Like… How is your son doing? Is he well? Or was your daughter expelled?
  • Treat all small kids as if they were disabled – and with genuine concern ask their parents what’s wrong with them.
  • Go to a wedding dressed as the bride.
  • When Cars stop for you at the Zebra crossing, run up and pat their bonnets to show your appreciation.
  • Say “Ouch!” Every time the hairdresser snips a bit of your hair off.
  • Tell people those stickers you get on fruit are actually edible.
  • When you see people feeding pigeons in the park, pretend one of them is yours. Give it a name and with increasing frustration, keep calling it back.
  • Sit next to the only other person on an otherwise empty bus.
  • Act as someone else’s eyes and ears when they already have perfectly serviceable ones of their own.
  • Pretend you are a robot, but one so lifelike that you pass as human – only you know the robot truth!
  • Take calls with a weary note in your voice, saying “Hello telephone, who are you pretending to be this time?”
  • Shout  “I’m the king of the road!” at everyone you pass in your car.
  • Look through one eye at a time.
  • Start an exam essay question with “Ooh, I was hoping you’d ask that”.
  • Wave back at people on television.
  • Tear up strips of paper as quietly as possible throughout a lecture.
  • Yell “I’m fine, I’m fine” every time you sneeze.

P.S: Flashing at the bottom of the screen….*You can try everything mentioned above at home. Because, none of this was conducted under expert supervision.* lol

– From how to worry friends and inconvenience people.


5 thoughts on “My take on: “Pagalpanti bhi Zaruri hai”

  1. 😀 And I was actually thinking the other day of tearing up strips of paper….without making noise.
    But, thought otherwise considering the global warming note on the back cover of my Navneet notebook. 😛

    ….Pulling the clutcher in the hair of” that stupid girl” sitting in front of you is a better option…Nothing annoys them more! 🙂

    Let me know your suggestions, if any.

  2. That was an amazing post. Currently wondering why didn’t I comment back then. Anyway, better late than never.

    One more add – While you go shopping for clothes, try each and every outfit you like, click a photo and then get out of the shop without buying anything.. XD

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