The Masakali singer… :)

When I was in school we didn’t listen to songs ‘this’ much! I had no idea how songs are played on a PC.
And the use of CDs or DVDs was alien-like to me.

So, all the songs that I ever listened to were the ones that Dada used to play on cassettes on our music player.
Some countable few songs that I had ‘by-heart’ then were mostly heard in Dada’s voice which he fondly used to sing while playing guitar.

That was when I first heard…Dooba Dooba. (This song is popular even today among Guitarists) I loved to hear Dada sing that one.

And then I don’t remember when I started listening to the original song. I never understood the lyrics but heard the song for the unique voice. At that time, we didn’t know who the real singer was.
We heard it as a song from the “Silk Route”…one of the only few Indian bands.

Silk Route
It’s due to the upcoming reality shows that I learn’t that the singer behind is Mohit Chauhan.

…..And what a singer he is!
I bet there is no singer who’s every single song is so beautiful.
His list of songs is really short but very very sweet.

In Rang De Basanti, the song Khoon chala….was an instant heart capturer, even My mum also likes it a lot.
The song “Tumse Hi” is a personal favorite of just everybody.

The song list listening to which is something that I never get bored of:
Mohit Chauhan

  • Sabse Peeche Hum Khade
  • Boondein
  • Khoon Chala
  • Guncha Koi
  • Is This Love (Kahin Na Laage)
  • Yaad Teri Aaye
  • Ek meetha marz de ne
  • Kuch khaas
  • Aankhon hi aankhon mein
  • Masakali
  • Tune Jo Na Kaha
  • Ye Dooriyan

And…the interesting part is I have never met anyone yet, who dislikes his songs. So he is even a popular favorite.

The natural husk in his voice, the tones and the music make you press the play button again. A close friend said he captures the mood of the song perfectly.

Awaiting many more great songs from you Mr. Chauhan.
And we say it undoubtedly that the new songs will also be just as great as the previous ones.

Among my friends, its common phenomena to sing songs out loud while riding on streets. And when you are out there, inside the helmet assured that no one can really hear you, and the wind hitting you hard…I choose, the Masakali singer’s songs a lot.

Because, remember the famous quote:
“Dance as if no one were watching,
Sing as if no one were listening, (or pretend that no one is listening)

And live every day as if it were your last. ”


3 thoughts on “The Masakali singer… :)

  1. Really. His voice is simply amazing and unique. And all of his songs are so pleasing that it makes me to listen to a song more than 4 times at a time. 😀

  2. mohit chauhan really rocks yar i really like his songs n tum se hi is everyone’s favorate i guess

  3. Have no word to say…but i would like to tell you that last night i listened ‘Ye Dooriyan’ at least 12 times continuously..

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