Girl on the move

Moving won’t necessarily mean running away. But, yeah, I’ve moved a lot.

On the move

It was a complete roller coaster. But I was liking “moving from one place” and “catching another”.

Till date, I never completed a single thing that I started.…i.e. of course apart from my school and Diploma.

When I was a small kid I joined the classical dancing classes (or should I say “was put” in those classes) I went there most unwillingly for 2 years. Appeared for it’s 2 exams. But, then the teacher said that to give the third one should have completed 12 years of age. I was 10. So, I had to give up that for one year. And I never really reminded ma of those classes after 1 year. And till today never went to that thing back!

I was a little bigger (of course by age) Mum & Dad put me in swimming class. Now, I don’t have hydrophobia. But getting up at 5:30; coming back at 6:30 and then attending school 7 am to 1 pm was not at all appealing. So after 1 or 2 years I gave that up. The reason why I don’t join swimming even today is still unknown to me!

After that I joined the classical music classes. Which was again mostly because Dad loves classical music and Ma forced me and a friend of mine (who apparently happens to be with me in every single class that I’ve joined till today….well not all, but most) to do so. *I know she won’t disagree on this* Well again here I gave the third exam, BUT this time, the teacher moved. Nah! Don’t make a wrong guess. She wasn’t bored of us. She was getting married and so she had to move to a new place, which we considered to be a very long distance to be covered on bicycles.

There are much more small things that I started and I gave up.
Sometimes due to my own ignorance, lack of interest and the other times due to some more convincing reasons.

Giving up after starting something is the un-coolest thing I’ve ever done.

3 years back, when I was 15, I started learning Japanese Language.
This time, it was due to my own interest. Meaning to say, I actually found out that class and did all the inquiry process. The fees were reasonable and the class well within a short distance from my home.
I joined them. And I admit proudly that in a batch of 60 students, I was among the “only 3 who passed”. That was an achievement.
But, here’s the climax, after being so good at it, I again gave up.
For obviously some genuine reasons!

3-4 days back, I resolved to complete this.
This time I want to do it no matter what. I joined the class.

And this is my current schedule…
9 to 5 College. 6 to 8 Japanese class. 8 to 9 Maths class.

I am practically RUNNING between all these places …well not actually running on my ‘legs’ but on my two wheels.

And Even that it pretty tiring!!

On two wheelers

But it’s kind of fun! I am enjoying being on my own and doing what I REALLY like to do.


4 thoughts on “Girl on the move

  1. Heh, nice post. Good thing that you are continuing you Japanese classes and got a nice packed schedule 😀

    But hey, did I force you to join the music class? :S

  2. Nope Mannu you didn’t force.
    I just wanted to mention that you and I have done almost all classes together. So, may be we share all the stupid skills. 😛

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