Note: I’m back on some serious junk outta my head.
So read on only if you really want to and when you have nothing else to do.

We keep craving for assurance the time we start thinking. So, that goes a long way back in time for you and me…or so I guess. (I.e. only if you started thinking at a tender age, when the norm kid would rather play with Barbies or Hot-wheels cars)
Think about this. We need to be assured for everything.

Often you must’ve seen small children showing you the recent craft-work they created, or would sit “between” elderly people doing their homework or something of those sorts.
Because they need to be assured that their work is good and they are not doing something weird.

In school, we as students would get overwhelmed with that star besides the teacher’s signature or that ‘excellent mark’ on our bad-handwriting note-books.
We suddenly felt assured that we can do almost anything or become ‘anyone’ in life. 😮

The typical girlies would want their latest accessory to be noticed. They feel offended if people don’t notice (Yeah! I have experienced this one.) Meaning to say that, they want appreciation. They want to be assured that they look nice (otherwise what’s the use of all that they did….or so they think!)

In jobs, the employees would go out of the way just to get that extra point or mark to prove that they are best among the rest. They want to get counted. No one wants to “go unnoticed”. They want to be assured that what they are doing is right.

In college, I have seen people ask questions to the professor just to assure him/her that they are listening (or how will the professor know that all are not “nodding heads but dumb ears”)
I have seen people doing work or taking part in events so they are not left behind in the crowd. Here they want to assure themselves that they are not that un-cool the way they feel they are from within!

So, in short, we want assurance or appreciation, and approval or admiration… everything we do!
It’s a need which quite quickly turns into greed.

But, wait. Stop and think.
Is this all we are here for?

As kids, no one taught us that the opinions of others don’t matter.
No one told us that others are as foolish as you yourself or sometimes even more foolish than us.

Slowly and gradually we started believing that anything we do is worthwhile/valuable/even sensible only if some third person approves of it. Soon, it became a habit or what can I say everyone’s “my way of thinking”.

We carry this habit or behavior of ours throughout our lives.
And fail to believe that there can be some other, more sensible way of thinking.

Look around.
Don’t you find that all those persons whose work is getting appreciated without that person begging for assurance; are all those geeks and nerds and according to you and I the coolest persons on earth?

Let’s think a little differently…

Haven’t we had enough… bothering others about assuring ourselves?
Why do we need appreciation?
Why isn’t it enough that we believe that what we do is right?

My thoughts are flowing randomly.
What I just want to say is…
Try it once.
I am learning too.


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