The Pursuit of Happyness

I came across this movie name on many peoples’ profiles under the all-time favorite movie section.
I knew I had to watch it then.
But, I had no idea that it would happen so soon.

(Note: I know the spelling of ‘happiness’. But you will know why I wrote it that way only when you watch the movie.)

Now I watched it yesterday.
And like millions of other viewers completely loved it.

A Brilliant story. Very Simple Direction.
But capable of putting a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.

I wonder why these movies are so different than our “masala-packed” or “paisa-vasool” movies, where neither the person going to the theatre nor the theatre’s door-man (who is I observed mostly yawning or scratching his belly) is interested in the film. But, who just comes around because they have nothing else to do.

I would like to shoot up this question in public:
Who doesn’t like ‘movies with a message’ or ‘films with fewer songs, more or better clothes and the ones you would recommend others to go and watch……even twice’?

Out-and-out I enjoyed watching “the pursuit of Happyness” …..A LOT!

I give special credit to the director for showing the affection: that very special bond between a father and the son so aptly.

A shot from : The pursuit of Happyness
A shot from : The pursuit of Happyness

This was an act of a whiz. Pursuit of Happyness tells you that

I wish I could watch more and more of such movies in the local theatres here, rather than wasting my time giving bad comments about the posters of Love Aaj Kal or Kambakht Ishq.

Some other movies in the must-watch section are:

•    August Rush
•    A Beautiful Mind
•    Into the Wild
•    The Bolt

And don’t forget to let me know if you know some more interesting ones.


2 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happyness

  1. Yes. Briiliant story .Brilliant actor.

    You can check -out if you like –

    1.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
    2.No man’s land.

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