Kids annoy me

They take the hell out of me. They really do.
I think the moment which is really scary & dreadful is when some relatives bring their small-PAMPERED-and-won’t-listen-to-anyone type kid to our house.
I am sitting inside in the room, pretending to study, and showing no visible interest in the strange kid and preferring not to be bothered by anyone.
That’s exactly the moment when mum shouts from the dining hall, “Go play with Tai. Tai will show you some toys!”

What the heck!

Statutory Warning
is all that I can think of in such times:
All your personal belongings are at RISK!
Run! Grab hold everything that you don’t want to see shattering to pieces in front of your eyes and put it on the loft or on the most inside part of your wardrobe. Be quick in every action! Those few moments are all you have to save your own things before this ever-grinning -> ” mrgreen ” kid enters the room with his/her “invisible but most evil intentions”.

So now this e-kid (short for “evil-kid” or for the internet generation kid) enters the room thinking that the place is his/her own territory…no wonder his/her mother has never bothered to teach the kid even a little about mannerisms.

The kid is out-of-control. He/she resembles exactly to a person who is out of jail on bail for a few hours who would rob ‘even then’ and won’t mind doing more evil acts as he/she is sure that after all he/she has to eventually return to the jail after some time!
(That was a relevant example, I hope!)

Now don’t ever think that it’s only a kid and NEVER EVER judge their IQ Levels by their innocent smiles (because cartoons have already taught them in their tender age: how to easily make-up an innocent face in seconds!)

The kid will now go around the room, putting all the fingers of the hand in all available holes (even the 230 volt socket), will open everything that can be opened, ask random set of irrelevant questions (enough to freak out a normal person), won’t budge even if you show lack of interest in playing with him/her and keep asking you about things again and again and again.

If the kids are really small and their mothers or fathers leave them and get busy in their talks, the kids cry. Cry on the top of their voices!
And when they cry you can’t stop them. They will cry for the most silly things.

If the kid is disturbing you and you shout at them (only after telling 7 times the same thing politely), now-a-days their parents will give you a scornful look or come and shout back at you!
So, you are in an absolute state of misery. You are in despair.
And no one is there to help you.

Today the silent ones, the ones who are soft and play on their own or the quick-witted and charming ones or the quiet but brainy kids (i.e. the ones you can call “taare zameen par”) are a rare sight.

My apartment is flooded with freak kids. They shout. They come and stick to you. They use bad language. And they think they are 21st century ‘I-know-everything’ type kids.
You can’t even expect a sweet smile in return of a smile to them.
(Yep. I tried that. A kid even turned his back!)

Such are kids.
Some people still love them. And find them cute.
But they annoy me. They just “freak” me out!


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