Wedding in my house. Yes, my own house!

OK. I am done thinking if I should include this post on the blog or not.
Well, I firmly believe in not thinking “toooo..” much.
But it’s a little too personal.
May be this is the only post till date which is ‘so from the heart’.

Yeah! Ok! I am coming to the point…
I admit My ONLY whole and soul brother is getting married.
Yup! Big K is getting married.

There has been a lot of fuss about this issue at my home. But now we’ve found the ‘perfect match’. And so they will be marrying.

Now the point is that I am the one who was insisting him to marry all these days.
Note: I am not utterly convinced about marriage and you know stuff!
But mum and dad would ask me to convince him because they feel we are of the same generation and our choices are similar.

Well this is all history. Now, he will soon be.. actually marrying.

Now I am on cloud nine since I’ve heard the news.
But deep inside I feel very differently.

Today we address him in sentences like: what are your today’s plans?
After marriage, we will be like: what are the plans of both of you today?

Mum, while talking on the phone or while calling us in the other room would take my name consecutively after his.
Now mine will be third.

Now it would always be about them, not him.

It’s a very creepy feeling and I know to some this would seem very weird. But, I think you can only feel this feeling if you love your brother ‘that’ dearly!

But lo! I again fondly remember Dumbledore’s words:
It’s strange how human mind works!

Please! Don’t get me wrong! It is nothing like I am losing my brother. (After all I remind myself that this is The Indian Marriage System and here the bride’s side should feel ‘sad’ and all for their daughter or sister moves to a new house.)

Out and out:
The girl that we’ve all found is really pretty and I am actually fond of her.
We can’t wait to welcome her warm-heartedly around here. And in fact we will having real fun at my place starting within a few days time.

And I am more than 100% sure that her arrival in our house is going to multiply our happiness manifold.

Love you Dada.
You are a complete rock star!
Be the same and don’t ever change.


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