The joy of small things

You are hopelessly looking at the code on the screen.
It’s the 4th time that the number of bugs in the code has multiplied 2 times in number.
Probably more than 6 errors in the code don’t make any sense at all. Colleagues around you (if present) have tried everything to help you. And now even they are looking ‘hopelessly’ around for help.

If this is a ‘final practical’ situation then, you can rest assured that any how, how much hard you pull, it’s not going to *compile successfully* and the much awaited good-looking output would never be a treat to your eyes.

But, if this is just-another programming practice, then there is a fair chance that it might just be the same old import statement mistake or a silly error that you obviously overlooked!
So, many of you non professional programmers like me must have been stuck in ‘such’ kind of a situation.
Imagine friends. what if, just in time, you spot this ‘Big Bug’ and bingo! You get that output on the shiny black surface behind the glass of your screen.

Believe me; very less things in life can equal this heavenly feeling!

A few days back, I solved the Rubik’s cube. It took me many hours and a lot of ‘brainstorming’ to get the same set of 9 colored squares on each of the six sides.
Sounds simple, does it? But it isn’t. Try it.
And Boy! The joy of completing it was towering my high spirits the whole day. (I am like this only. I jump and I shout and I dance and I hug family members when I get overjoyed.)

I am a staunch supporter of the fact that, the joy of these ‘little things’ make a big difference to our life.
Be it through, saying a ‘yes’ to make your friend happy in spite of deciding in mind 3 times that you want to say a‘ no’
Or through giving small surprises to our dear ones or through learning a new small thing regularly, we definitely bring delight and glee in our life as well the lives of those around us.
Spread happiness and knowledge in all directions possible.
It will always bounce back to us.

The Joy of small things is truly wonderful.


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