Everybody blogs

…Or everybody has a Blog
or everybody keeps Blogging, your friends, friends of friends, their friends i.e. mostly unknown People.
Peoples’ people. Meaning to say, just about everyone!

I stumble upon tens of blogs each day. And I start to wonder how do so many people write? I always have loads of free time to go through some of the blogs that I find interesting. Now, interesting doesn’t mean topics that interest me, just the blogger’s profile or through the blog’s comments or followers, sometimes I read because I like the theme and the other times it’s just that I get carried away.

Here are a few common things that I found in the maximum blogs, but it’s put just in reference to their context (which the unknown readers have no chance to understand because even the comments are personalized! So when reading unknown blogs, the rule is never bother to get into details.)

1) Writings about themselves i.e. how they are, or how they wish they would be, or how they find themselves lonely, happy, or freaked out in a situation.
2) Writings about situations surrounding them.
3) Writings about things they love: songs, film stars, chocolates or ice-creams, music etc.
4) Writings about friends, friends of friends. And if that’s over, writings about People and Peoples’ people!

Well, I know that by now, you might be thinking that, Come on what else can they write about? Right?
OK. Right! I feel the same.
And I realize that, all our blogs are tied to the same string.
Blabbering about our interests and disinterests or ranting about things that annoy us or ‘FREAK’ us out, or just random things which our friends won’t exactly love to listen…. !

Now, I have one more serious concern, whenever I am browsing or landing on different sites on the net, I usually end up reading stuff about teenagers and kids (i.e. below-teenagers) doing extra-ordinary feats or doing out-of-this-world jobs. And this gives me that itchy feeling inside (in lay man’s terms, you can call it a complex!) Even when you read some person’s blog sometimes you feel..

Hey!! Come on, that’s ditto my style!

I add my sincere apologies to all those known & unknown people whom I have abused unknowingly in my head for appearing to be straight copy-cats! Sorry people! Seriously sorry!

I mean, there are thousands and thousands of people on the net, who keep uploading the content on a daily basis. This wasn’t the scenario 20-25 years back. Nobody would ever realize that there are 30 other people like you who may be doing the same thing like them or thinking exactly about the same superb ideas right now…that you thought was one of a kind and really worth a wild appreciation!
But, now suddenly, due to the upsurge of the Information era or the past decade’s dot com boom, WE DO realize all this!

*And this isn’t exactly THE News to party about!*

Yesterday I asked Dada (Big Bro) who is on the www 24X7; that don’t you ever get a complex?
He simply said, “Nahi. Ka?” (i.e. No. Why?)
Well, that’s the answer I get for 1 out of 3 questions posed directly to him.

There is a phrase in Marathi, “Adnyanat Sukh”. This fits in here so nicely! It literally means: “Happy in Ignorance”

Steve Jobs says: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.
And I have a cool new one-liner:
Stay Ignorant. Stay Happy.

P.S.: This one-liner is purely a work of art.
Don’t follow it as if it were a law!

Remember: Stay Happy anyway! 🙂


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