Showers bring back Old Memories

It’s 1st June.
And I am just back from submitting the form for admission at a graduation college. I have got my new two wheeler: the new Scooty Streak, three days back. And while returning from the college today, the showers hit my streak for the first time. The droplets on the surface above the headlight looked really nice.

Even right now it’s raining like anything. The showers of little drops splashing on the window pane…I am loving the sound of the water-banging against it too.

Every year, ‘Rainy Season’ starts in the month of June. And rainy season also marks the beginning of the new session for the schools and colleges.
I vividly remember the initial days of every year in my school. The smell of new books and notebooks in the school bag, sometimes the new shoes and socks also had a peculiar smell. The textbooks and workbooks covered with brown paper on the night just before the first day.
While in junior classes, the auto-wala used to horn early morning, and I used to hurry, gulp the breakfast and run downstairs. Invariably I used to splash my polished shoes in some muddy-water puddle. And then sometimes the shoes used to make the chuck-chuck sound all the way to the classroom!
In senior classes, we had to wear our raincoats and ride bicycles all the way to the school. And I always wondered: why these rain-coats are, the way they are? I mean, they never used to cover the whole body (whichever type of raincoat you wore, You always ended up being wet.) Then after reaching at the school, we used to hang these raincoats on windows behind the classroom.

In all my memories of the first few months of school, I get a picture before my eyes, only of these gloomy and dark classes even at 10 a.m. due to all these Grey clouds.

First days of school were as much fun-filled as the whole year. Actually school days were so, so, so nice!

Oh! I miss my school so terribly now. We can never sit on those benches now (according to class-teacher’s decided seating arrangements….which we never found to be fair.) We no more wear those tunics as our uniforms. We never do P.T every Saturday now. We aren’t even bothered everyday about the homework of those ‘6 different subjects’ which we never wrote down properly in our diaries.
Ahem! Well, I can again go on and on about schools memories.

And now it seems all of a sudden, all that I look forward to, are just my B.E. admissions!

I am at the end of the post and it’s still raining. Yo!

East or West: Rains are simply Stupendo-fantabulously-fantastic!

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One thought on “Showers bring back Old Memories

  1. Brings me memories too, but not from here, from the place i was born. I promise i’ll take you there someday..

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