Ho shuru har din aise. Ho shuru har pal aise. Nescafe! :P

I am a Bournvita fan. Seriously. I have been having (razz see our English: “Have been having”) a cup of Bournvita with milk everyday for past more than 10 years. And I think I will continue. I just like the taste.

And though I have had ‘tea’ many times. I dislike the taste it leaves in your mouth after you finish having it.
And though many will not agree, I think the mouth stinks if you don’t wash your mouth after having tea. Yuck!  neutral

But my latest addiction in beverages is towards ‘caffeine’. Some say it’s good to have some amount of caffeine daily. (you know the way they conduct these big surveys and calculate results such as — % people say or like this and — % don’t! )
Duh! Who reads such crap? rolleyes
So good for health or not, I love coffee.
Both hot and cold. It refreshes my mind.

Around 3 years back, Nescafe gave a free Red Mug with its 200gm pack. Now, this is the same red mug which they show in all the Nescafe Commercials. I haven’t missed having coffee when I am at home, from that mug ever since.

The name Nescafe is enough to remind all of us of their famous jingle which goes as…
“Paa pa raa pa ra ra ra”. mrgreen
So in all, I love the mug and I love the coffee.

These coffee or tea ads are most of the times similar and repetitive. Like, it would be raining and family members enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon or some company’s employees at a tea break rejoicing while watching cricket or some girl achieving big scores in exams or a direct entry to a beauty contest or becoming an air pilot….and all this just because she drinks their brand’s coffee daily!
(No offense intended as such against the Advertising folks)

But, these Nescafe ads are cool. I love them.
There are some things like these that you start liking almost unknowingly. And then, they stick to you all the time. smile


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