A typical word in its own sense. And a more typical situation in everybody’s ‘full sense’ (i.e. pure hosh-o-hawaz mein!)
But why do embarrassments happen?
confused And why do they keep happening? confused confused

I always like looking up meanings of words in dictionary… So, here is the definition:
Embarrassment is an emotional state experienced upon having a socially or professionally unacceptable act or condition witnessed by or revealed to others. (I think that the letters in bold are of prime importance.)

There have been tons of embarrassing moments in my life till today.

I remember, myself screaming songs alone on the top of my voice early morning in the bus on a trip and realize that half the crowd is sleeping and most others dont give damn so singing along is far-fetched!

Those times when I felt that itchy feeling when my friends see my stupid photographs of kid-hood. I wonder why Mum dressed me up in those colorful and funny looking dresses and all the golden or silver accessories! Seriously, I look like a total schmuck! (Well, not to mention but sometimes even today I feel that I look a Big SCHMUCK!) I didn’t realize what’s happening to me back then and actually enjoyed it too. So out-n-out mum, you ROCK no matter what!

When I and my friend declared that we are going to perform a dance on the stage before an audience of about 250+ and we even take our awkward positions on the stage, and the DJ says the CD can’t be played.
Imagine 200 people staring at you and you have to run off the stage and the dance gets cancelled.

I remember, being called a total loser before my whole class for my poor English and that teacher actually circulated my answer-sheet in the whole classroom to let my classmates know WHAT NOT TO DO!
Not just that she drew big a’s and o’s on the black-board and shouted at me… “You zombie! Don’t you even know how to write an ‘a’ and an ‘o’ differently?” (because road looked like raad and board look like boord)
And I hope that you won’t be much surprised if I tell you, this happened in my 8th Grade!

When we were in lower grades (lower than of-course 8th standard) in our apartments, all the children used to have these BIG BIRTHDAY PARTIES! And we used to buy the gift in “contri”! (Boy! We saved the money even back then.) The birthday boy or girl’s mummy used to prepare yummy food.
Now note that I am not a foodie. But I have a habit of eating (or gulping down) the food at a great speed. So, imagine how I would feel when I finished the full plate before all others and can’t dare to ask for more or can’t leave the plate because I am not done.
I never knew what to do in such situations!

I remember spilling food all over my dress in the most etiquette-expecting places,
I remember mum telling some other aunty that I used to pee in my bed even in my 2nd grade,
I remember being caught lifting someone else’s item and being thought of as a thief,
I remember getting barely passing marks in all my mathematics papers & being laughed at,
I remember playing world’s most idiotic games with a Barbie (all thanks to a girly friend),
I remember scoring “negative marks” and being eliminated in a Final Quiz two years back,
I remember falling in awkward position in the middle of the stage before ten dignitaries,
I remember flaunting stupidest things before the most intelligent crowd.

There are many more to list, but some things are best left secret.

But, I guess that’s how life is.
9 out of 10 times totally UNFAIR!
And it’s kind of fun to remember how I survived all those moments.

Life also has some ‘sweet’ embarrassments. Like, when someone else praises me a dozen times in different ways on my face before my near and dear ones. Mind you that’s not blushing.

Though he dictionary says that it’s just an emotional state, but I know that most will agree that it’s really TOUGH to handle.
I have no regrets. (And I would like if you can openly comment on this post sharing your embarrassing experiences too!)
Till next time, Ciao!


5 thoughts on “Embarrassments

  1. Your most amusing post. Enjoyed reading it even after being familiar with most the stories.

    You write very well 😀

    I suffer from embarrassing moments almost every week. But I make people feel embarrassed more 😀
    The victim is sitting besides 😀

  2. Well, everyone must have had experienced this feeling once in a lifetime. I am acquainted with most of your ’embarrasing’ moments, even the ones you haven’t posted. And surely there are some which aren’t worth mentioning. They are just too embarrasing embarrasments. The same goes for me too. They are simply so embarrasing that i think that if i could return to the past and make some changes, it would definitely be those embarrasing moments. But then again, you must have a tint of every feeling in your life or else it wouldn’t be fun. I am not awre which of my embarrasing moments you know, but i sure am not writing any of them here.. Don’t know how many more such EMBARRASING moments are awaiting(for both of us).

  3. It’s quite amazing that you could document so many embarrassing moments. I’ve lost count, and even if I had to recall, I could just blabber about the major ones! Totally enjoyed reading this post! 😀

  4. many more embarassing moments you can still remember..but yes its better to keep them secret.. 😀
    😀 😀

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