Smells good!

If we play the word game i.e. I say some word and you say a word that first comes to your mind after hearing my word, I am sure, for the word ‘fragrance’, most of you will say the names of your favorite flowers or perfumes.

But I have started to believe that I perceive the world upside down, I always find myself have some slightly unnatural tastes for things.

So here is a list of things with fragrances, which if I encounter, I would sit around it for hours enjoying the smell. The list goes like this:

(Please Note: The list isn’t in the order of importance)

arrow Petrol
arrow Wet mud after rains
arrow Leaves
arrow Newly painted walls

1st Point- Sometimes I deliberately take time to draw money from my pocket at the Petrol filling stations just to enjoy the fragrance of petrol for a few more seconds.

2nd Point- My idea of a perfect afternoon would be: I with a cup of hot coffee in a terrace or by the glass paned window and heavy rains falling down and fragrance of ‘wet mud’ filled in the air.

3rd Point- I wake up at 4:45 for the morning walk with Dad. It’s almost all sweaty for 55-65 minutes because of “My Dad’s over 20 years of well planned compulsory brisk walk” (which is mandatory). But when the cool breeze brings in the fragrance of leaves, nothing feels better at that moment.

4th Point- Whenever I get a chance to visit a construction site, I look for, if they have some newly painted walls, because be it Royale or Asian paints, the fragrance of the paint is just ecstatic!

These fragrances spread the vibrant energies in every direction and even an ounce of them could lift my mood to a full 90 degrees (upward!)

And yeah, I forgot to mention, I must have entered the kitchen whenever mum is cooking, for over a hundred times saying,

“What’s the menu today? Well, whatever it is…..Smells good!”


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