Of Exams and Me

I hopelessly stare at the book. And all that is running through my mind is :

Container contentPane = getContentPane();

contentPane.setLayout(GridLayout()) eek

For the non-fellow-classmates, let me make it clear that, there is nothing to tap my back about after reading, the above lines of code, because this is NOT AT ALL good, as tomorrow’s paper is AWT and all I am recalling is lines of code from Java! (yesterday’s paper!) lol

Well, I completely realize that I shouldn’t be sitting before my PC and typing the junk out of my head. But, I just couldn’t bring myself from refraining. On a personal note, I am totally aware of the fact that, this is my final year of the Diploma exams and it’s a “critical exam” (just like 10th or 12th Boards) because the score this time decides my admission to a Graduation college. (Wow! Graduation sounds big! :P)

But, nevertheless I am writing this.

My mum just called me to tell that, the two round eggs laid by the female pigeon that had chosen one of our plants for the process, have hatched.smile They are soft and are barely moving legs. But, to me, It looks kind of weird. neutral

I know. I know. I am drifting away from the post’s title.

So, the point is I am trying hard to memorize (mind well that’s not what you we call mugging up. It’s the random set of ways I try to remember all the important points!)

The moist air of cooler is chilling me. And I am thinking will they change the seating arrangement at least tomorrow! I just don’t like the classroom that they have allocated.

Alright! OK! I am going back to the big-bad-book of 400 pages from Nirali Publication. (Nirali literally means “Wonderfully Different”…this is just another of my stupid translations.mrgreen So Don’t Mind!) But, there is nothing wonderful or so different about it. rolleyes

And for a leaving note… I just gulped down half a glass of Mango Shake in one go!! biggrin biggrin


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