A Fresh and New look for this Summer.

WordPress introduced a new theme: April Showers.

And That’s what you are looking at. eek

All my local newspapers say that, our city has broken the record for highest temperature in last more than 40 years.

And everything is super hot redface, sweaty redface, steamy redface and burning redface!

Even one full glass of water doesn’t quench the thirst. Half the time of the day, all of us at home, are busy filling the water bottles for the fridge. razz

Move out of the house after noon, and you are sure to come back feeling sick and “sun-burnt”! (Sometimes when I come back home, I feel like hot steam is coming out of my puffy eyes cry)

And when I am at home and free and relaxed and I watch at my blog, I feel it’s so dry and it does not at all give a refreshing feeling to the readers’ eyes.

And in all such circumstances, off came a fresh new theme from WordPress. I loved its green shades and the name April Showers.

Showers are all we need for the city and even two times a day for our bodies. biggrin So, this is theme for Junkyard till we get rid of this Stupifying and Scorching Summer.


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