Got some work today. Please not today.

Jostling streets. Crowding people.

Every single person engaged in a talk or an activity.

I walk past all such people, everyday.

Be it on televisions or newspapers, all people are doing ‘some’ thing.

Something worthwhile. (Well, not always worthwhile rolleyes)

The world full of thousands and thousands of people. All busy.

But I am not. I am never busy.

The above statement made by me just simply means:

I do nothing. Or I never have ‘something’ to do. But, that’s not true.

I have time for simply everything. Arrange a get-together or just a casual meeting; I will always be ready to be present for the occasion.

I am struggling to learn “stick-to-it-ivity” (that’s a word from my own dictionary biggrin). But, I am never engaged in a task for more than a designated time. I don’t have any long term activities. All that I do in a day is short term and ends “soon” enough. And I am left, wondering, what next to do.

Being BUSY is GREAT.

And I hope one day I will be ‘so busy’ that I would have a sophisticated social or professional calendar, which I would check 5 times before saying a ‘yes’ for an appointment (Does that sound good? mrgreen I don’t think so.) And meeting or talking to others won’t be ‘that’ easy job!

Well, I am desperately waiting for that day.

But I hope that day, my friends and family don’t have to wait to meet me ‘desperately’…the way I wait for them today.

Time holds all the answers. Baghu kaay hota.


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