My Newfound Interest

The college has ended ‘officially’.
And exams are due in May.
So, I have loads and loads of time, all by myself.

And to while my time away, I found a new way.
I am painting my T-shirts.

I found some old Japanese Traditional Art and modified (i.e. creatively changed them to suit my needs mrgreen ) and in the process, tried my hand at something really new.

I always got B or C grades in my drawing & craft exams at School.
So, now you know that I am not ‘that’ good when it comes down to showing artistic skills.
Thats why, I tried it on some of my old tees.
And seeing the results, believe me, they are way above my expectations!

Check them out:
My T-Shirt Designs

I will be doing more. Just let these goddamn exams end! mrgreen


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