Soaring in the wind

You sit at the edge for a free fall.

You are so much scared that, you even forget to swallow the lump in your throat. confused All you can see around you are clouds, clouds and more clouds. Nevertheless, you jump. wink

And all of a sudden, you are AIRBORNE. That’s what I want to try. At least once. biggrin

Parachuting, also known as Skydiving, is an adventure where a person jumps from enough height so that they can deploy a fabric parachute and land safely.

Imagine, You are there. At some unimaginably stupefying height. And you can only see air around you and green and blue terra firma kilometers away down below you. Wind brushing hard against your face. surprised Your body pulled down by the gravitation. Nothing (on earth) can be compared to ‘that’ feeling.

I have done parasailing once, 2 years back, in Malaysia. In this, you are given a life jacket and a parachute and you run on a platform in water, and a motor-boat is connected to you, which is responsible for the direction in which you move in the air. And as you run, in a fraction of a second, even before you realize what’s happening to you eek , you are there, above in air.

But, Sky Diving is different. There, you are on your own.

There is no assurance about: Would the parachute open at right time? For how much time would you be sailing in the air? Would you have a safe and perfect landing? ….And that’s what makes it all the more exciting. biggrin

The latest Mountain Dew ad says:

Dar sabko lagta hai. Gala sabka sukhta hai. Par Dar ke aage Jeet hai. razz

So, it must be worth experiencing. And (I hope) rolleyes we can always depend on the safety measures and backups.

A line that may make you feel, exactly the way I feel –

Only Sky Divers know why the birds sing. mrgreen


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