High on profile. Low on attitude. Why so :-?

Now I have been on the social networking sites for a quite a good period of time. (Actually not for very long, just for a few months after I turned 18) And I know it will be hard to digest for any OR all of you, but I am unable to figure out what am I supposed to do there. lol

Well keeping those things apart and getting to the point:

Once I log on to my account on any of these sites, I see my home page. And then I see a big collection of “profiles”. I know many people on these sites personally. But, when I see their profiles, I feel there is not even slight similarity between their original self and the ones they desperately try to portray on the profile. Be it their display picture or the tags to support their names. 😐 Be it the “about me” section or their personal likes/dislikes. 😐

I think these people have real dumb personalities in real. 😮 😮 But, they try real hard to get that, ”cool” factor on the display.

And, not-so-surprisingly, they terribly fail at doing so. 😛

I laugh uncontrollably when I see one of the following:

1. A display picture or tag line such as : “Down to Earth, But Above you all!!!!!” OR “My attitude in LIFE: Say ‘Try me!!!’ Not ‘Why me?

(Thanks to ctrl+c – ctrl+v, or what would these people have done! 😎 )

(Note: Give special attention to the exclamation marks above. 😉 )

2. In a section:

First thing you will notice about me : My eyes or that I am a ‘straight-forward’ person.

OR In the images : the ‘dashing-pics’ of their favorite Film Stars

(invariably from Hollywood)

3. A page full of description about their persona! Like:

  • I am a nice and sweet girl (but in reality she is the one who creates *helluva* problems! 😡 )
  • I hate liars (And this person lies before you/to you about 10000 times 😡)

Well, I can go on and on about these profile observations! But, there is no point in jotting them down here.

I just have one question! Why the hell is this longing in your minds to be called as or recognized as Mr. / Ms. COOL fellas!

High but fake attitudes in virtual world. And a load of garbage and rubbish in reality!

Just think boys and girls! Doesn’t a calm person, who is good in thoughts and well in manners, appear COOL to you? 😕

If not, then I think, may be,

I should have been born in the 18th century! 😯


4 thoughts on “High on profile. Low on attitude. Why so :-?

  1. Completely agree.
    Now-a-days, people just tend to speak out great words and nothing as such is implemented further. We can say that, they are fooling themselves with such fake attitudes and painted face.

    Anyway, the theme is really good! 🙂

  2. People try to feel good by writing something they wish they could actually do. Like, be down to earth, look THAT beautiful, possess an extra cool confident attitude. Many people want to be something, they aren’t.

    So whats wrong if they are happy by thinking that if they write it that way, they become like that?
    Reality isn’t hidden even from virtual friends. Projecting as something you like is totally justified. Human tendency. It’s everywhere, not just in social networking. See around, people do anything to look cool, but when they open their mouth.. their dumbness is crystal clear.
    Sometimes, things are not to just project yourself, but to show how things you like. Favorite film star, quote, etc.

    Sorry, if I don’t make sense.

    I have realized I have very different point of view.

  3. Its not correct if you call people ‘load of garbage and rubbish’ 😐
    You say you know them personally, there is nothing you like about them that you confidently gave them the title?

  4. Nice one, sis!
    But u still need to socialize more to live normally in this abnormal world………..or else u would become an outcast.
    Though you don’t think so, the world is full of fools who cant see the aura surrounding a person and just believe in their own small mundane world full of hypocrisy………………

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