My fascination for bridges has been for years.

I don’t know why, but somehow I always find myself having a great deal of interest on the issue of bridges.

Bridges not only connect two pieces of land, they are according to me Man’s greatest adventure.

Discovery Channel once featured a documentary by the name

“Man Made Marvels”

On that day, they showcased the world’s most famous –

The biggest, the tallest and the highest bridges.

I watched the show for 60 minutes without even once taking my eyes off the TV Screen. (Ignore the boring commercials)

I have huge collection of photos of bridges.

My Desktop Wallpaper most of the times has one of them.

It just feels BIG and NICE to look at a Bridge.

Have a look at some of the Best Ones at:



One thought on “BRIDGES

  1. Ohk…! Wel dats quite an unusual liking..but a COOL one i must say…!
    Keep it up…!

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