I want to write something

And I am thinking hard about what to. This is one of those days when we really want to write something. But are unsure of why we feel so.

So, today before opening this word document, I sat and thought why & what do I want to write? Then after a few minutes, as I was unable to control my urge, I succumbed to my gut-feeling and opened this blank word document, spent some time on selecting my favorite font and font-size, and then began typing. As I wrote the names of the headings that came up to my mind, I didn’t know what I am going to write under that title.

So I typed, “I want to write something…” And this is how this article began.

But now that I have written almost a paragraph about what I am feeling, I have begun to think that this whole idea was stupid and a bit of ‘crap’ that occurs occasionally in my head which again, is most of the time jumbled with random thoughts. And slowly I am realizing this page isn’t worth posting.

But I still badly feel that I want to continue pressing the keys which are right now, visible under my palms. I am continuously thinking if I should just press the red button with a white cross at the top-right of this word document and when the message box appears, if I want to save changes, I would just click no, and move away. But, I cannot bring myself to do that.

I think, writing this article is a waste of time for me.

And I am sure that you, as a reader are feeling why I am reading this.

May be, some of you will feel that, there might be something interesting at the end of this post. But let me assure you my friends, this is just another idiotic act of mine, the author of this blog to spend my time doing absolutely worthless things.

I required approximately 3 and a half minutes writing this post.

My head is empty. And I think I have had enough.

Now I feel it would have been better if I had done a little practice of Java or .Net programs, instead of whiling my time away in this manner.

But, still somehow I feel satisfied by typing a page full of rubbish.

It was fun. Try it sometimes. Now, I feel sleepy.

So, I let go off the desktop (of course after publishing this post on the blog) and straight way I hit the sheets (i.e. the informal way of saying I am going to bed!) [:)] Have fun. And Do Keep Reading me.



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