Certified Fools – The saga continues…

Whenever the “euphoria” of competitions grips my surroundings, if I ask any Tom, Dick or Harry,

“Why are YOU taking part?” rolleyes

I invariably get the answer, “I want to see where I stand (at district/state/national/international level!)”

(In my mind internally I feel, don’t you even know where you stand now?) mrgreen

Well, forget it; the other answer which is more common now is, “Because I want a certificate!”

I have observed countless number of students asking to the in-charge, “Do you give participation certificate?” OR “Will we receive certificate immediately?”

And all I can say is “What the heck?” 😡

Damn it! Is this like some kind of a fad?

I want be surprised, if in a few days time, people start mentioning “Collecting Certificates” as a hobby 😯 (as if it were something similar to stamp/note collection, is it?)

Is that all what my generation craves for? “A Certificate” ? And what good it does you?

I spotted a novel on a book shelf in a shop, which had following words on its back cover: “We want things and keep wanting more things, without necessarily knowing WHY we want them!”

You ain’t fooling no one. You are yourself fooling you!

Give it some thought friends!

It will help. 😉


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