Life full of “Setting” always works?

In my town, Nagpur, this word has been adapted in our local languages (be it Hindi, Marathi or whatever you speak around!)

Now what does this word mean?

As I know, Setting in normal English means situation, locale or surroundings.But, where I live, this word is used in an altogether different sense! 😎

For e.g.:

“Abey, tension nako gheu. Mi setting jamavto/jamavte.” 😐


“Itna costly liya kya? Mujhe batana tha, Maine setting se saste mein jamaya rehta!” 😐


“Abey, Mehnat se kuch nahi hota, apni har jagah setting rehti hai.” 😐

Somehow, these sentences can be heard in every nook and corner of the crowded streets and we can easily find these words slipping even from the mouths of our own dear friends!

So, my question is, Do you think this kind of setting works…always?

And my despair is that, the people (like me) who are unable to do / haven’t tried setting yet, lag behind to the ones who live a life full of risky settings? 😕

If I pose such a question to the “setters” (i.e. the people who do setting :P), they will undoubtedly say that, it gets done things quicker, so why not?

May be!

But I think it will MOST probably land you in trouble, some fine day!

So, watch out! 🙄


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