Chokar Dhani

That’s the place where I had been this Saturday night.

A complete Rajasthani Experience.

The foreigner’s who visit such places in search of “True India” find such places very exotic, interesting and a reflection or taste of the real India. 😕

Well, that isn’t completely false.

And about my experience there, I did all sort of ‘ajeeb’ things

(the most unusual of me)

I danced with a small kid and two Rajasthani ladies on their folks songs. 😉

(The small kid dragged me to dance with him.)

And our group took video clip and photos of the same.

Right now I have heena (Arabic mehendi ) on my left hand and its smell is going inside my nostrils.

This may not sound ajeeb (i.e. weird at all). But, it is.

And now for the weird things that I saw there…

The two ladies that I danced with, later on picked a needle and a blade with their eyes. 😯 (Can’t describe this more. You have to see it to believe it)

Then, a man put off a big fire (on a mashaal) by putting it inside his mouth. 😯

A small boy did all sort of acrobatics on a thin rope tied on two poles (while his father was playing dholak and his mother some other instrument) 😯

Some people were laughing and jeering. (Some were even showering 10 rupee notes)

But, I don’t know why, I had goose bumps.

I couldn’t see it. I felt terribly sad looking at the boy.

His face looked pale and he was so used to do all these things that he had no trace of fear on his face and his moments were terribly swift. I could not look at it for long. So, as I walked away.

It was sad to see the family, making their son to dance and act to earn money.

(Some may say that’s their way of earning money.

But, if it is, it’s horrible)

Later, we ate food. And boy! It was so delicious.

I took a lot of photographs.

There were a lot of charpoys laid there.

I slept on one of them and stared at the night sky.

It looked beautiful! 😀

We returned with a lot of good memories. 😀


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