My textual world!

Alphabets, letters, numbers, special characters, words, sentences and more horizontal or vertical lines…Nothing else.

In short, everywhere text surrounds!

Text on White-board. Text in SMS. Text in Emails.Text on Hoardings. Text in Textbooks. Text in Novels. Text on Television. Text here. Text there. Text on my screen right now! redface

Talk in Text. Walk in Text. eek

More alphabets and more numbers! cry

I don’t why but I can suddenly sense that I have become aware of all the text that has engulfed my world.

Every few hours my cell phone buzzes so that I read a new message which is again in “text”. Again you have to send a reply in “text”. Because calling is costly. And I don’t know why but all of us are big balance-savers! I have to even remember the toughest terms for all my theoretical exams.

It’s kind of nice to be able to converse in text. But, it’s sometimes irritating. I feel it’s better to go and speak face to face.

But, I give my heart-felt sympathies towards all my fellow youthful citizens, who like me, waste their precious time in messaging & encounter these alphabets and numbers and are not able to detach themselves from this, what can I say, habit! wink


3 thoughts on “My textual world!

  1. @Eric : Thanks.

    @ Manashree: Now, What can I say?
    Even I thought about that.
    Hmm… Good judgment! 😉

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