A big “bad” world out there? Please…not again!

Being 18 years neither seems old enough, nor mature! 😛 Till now, it has happened endless number of times that people say, “Bahaar ki duniya bohot buri hai.” People also say, “Abhi tumne dekha hi kya hai!” …. 😦

What these people want to point out at is that, we live in a protective shell and we are not ready for the horrible things waiting around for us. Once we move out we will experience things so bad that we won’t be able to believe them be true.

In newspapers & on television, all that they show is crap! It gives me a feeling that in world all that is left is hatred, treachery, non-cooperation, jealousy, corruption, violence & war. While, I believe & want to continue believing, exactly the opposite of that! 🙂

I discussed this with Aai. (Aai always sounds better than “Mom”) 😛 And as always she has the perfect answers to all such questions. Aai says, “Why the heck should we believe that the world is bad. If we believe at heart that everything & everybody is here for good, then the world appears that way to our eyes.” She says, “Consider that all the bad things are not meant for me.” 🙂

And if we really start thinking that way, it chases away all our worries & gives our mind, some space to think more of GOOD. 😀

Really! Try it, it works.

And Aai…

🙂 You Rock! 🙂

As JK says in Harry Potter, if bad things are happening to you, believe that they happen, FOR THE GREATER GOOD! :)


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