Notions about or against girls

Being a girl, I can go on & on about how “girls” are. But being a girl, I feel hurt when people hold any kind of assumptions against girls. These notions do not correspond to any particular country, creed, race, caste, color or gender. In fact, people from any combination of above factors believe this without verification. And I think it’s horrible.

Not all girls are similar. There always are exceptions.

Sometimes, these people should get to know that they know only ‘half-the-story’.

When I hear someone repeating one of the following statements, the mercury in my body shoots up to the brain and is about to explode. But, I prefer to keep cool. What’s the point in pointing out, eh?

No.1: Girls take hours to get ready.

(I have been on tours & camps. And I can remember how every morning I sat outside all packed and ready to leave. But, waiting hopelessly for that 1 kid, guy or uncle to turn up!)

No.2: Girls are ‘beauties with no brains’.

(I have heard boys saying this 1000s of times.) My advice to all the boys, who believe it as if it were a ‘law or rule’ is: Shut up Idiot! Don’t you have anything better to do than making these all-shit statements?

No.3: Girls are not tough. (Or not tough enough)

They can’t stand challenging situations or tolerate horrifying scenes. That’s exactly what you think, isn’t it? Next time check thrice around you before saying it aloud so as to prevent getting your eye blackened.

No.4: Girls are very, very sensitive.

In short, give her a shoulder to cry on & she will surrender. That’s a bluff. That point wasn’t even worth mentioning.

No 5: Girls love flowers.

She can’t get a bit about stunning bikes or sports or repairing machines or what they call ‘Boys-Toys’. Come out of it friends. It’s the 21st century we are talking about, where everyday we see girls getting doing the feats making the nation ‘proud’. Do you think that they do it dreaming about flowers?

No.6: Girls are difficult to understand.

One can never make out what’s on her mind. (Can you believe people say that? Is it so easy to read the boy’s mind?)

No.7: Girls always get all kinds of privileges.

(For e.g.: The traffic police never stops a girl for not wearing helmet OR The teacher won’t ask her to kneel down for incomplete homework OR They always provide separate queue for women.) Considering all this to be true, I can say only one thing, “Thank you!”

No.8: Girls like love stories.

(This one is the worst of all. I don’t know what to say about this. It’s pointless. On the counter part: I know so many boys who have watched ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ about 30-40 times! And I can’t manage to watch it even for half an hour.)

No.9: Girls can’t drive properly.

Why then have I witnesses about ‘n’ no. of accidents where the boys go smashing their already empty heads on cars, trucks or fellow bikes.

No.10: Girls gossip day-in day-out.

This gossiping all-the-time thing has become rotten. Why don’t we try something new?

I’m sure our fertile brains can think of many other reasons to abuse girls. Come on people, Look to your own flaws! And GIVE US A BREAK!


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