They call it: The toughest string instrument to play 8-)

I took basic violin lessons some 5 months back. My batch was the early morning one. The worst part was, I had to balance my violin between two legs on my saffire carefully (so that it did not fall :P) And make my way through to my class. Nevertheless, I enjoyed them to the fullest.

Gade sir was and is the best music teacher around. He taught the ‘Basics’.

From observing him, I learnt the small but the MOST important things like: Holding violin in correct position, the bow position & inclination etc.

And it was the gloomiest feeling to leave the class. (Hell lot of reasons, things occurring all at once 😦 )

One of the very important things in the learning process is t o know how to tune the instrument. I had not yet learned it. 😦 That was a horrible mistake.

But, I didn’t know back then, that I won’t be able to rejoin my classes soon enough.

The violin stood for many days in its usual place (a corner of my room) Sometimes, I used to stare at it and wonder if I will be ever able to play it. On very few occasions, I took it out from the case & tried to play tunes. But, all I could do was, produce loud (often shrieking) sounds and screeching due to the friction between the bow and the strings.

I felt offended & hurt. 😦

Days flew by.My Dad (himself a real good instrument player) more due to my ignorance and less out of his usual habit put it on the loft. It lay there for months untouched and full of dust. 😦

A few days back, I woke up and I don’t know why, but I felt like now I could do it. (Strange things happen 😛 )

I climbed up the loft took the violin out. Cleaned it & started tuning it. It must have taken about one hour. But, somehow I managed to tune it, all on my own! 😀 And I seriously think that this is bound-to-sound like magic. 🙂

But for last few days, I am trying all possible songs I can think. And to my utmost surprise, they are playing fine. I mean, (That’s an achievement!) people can recognize what I’m playing. 😀

I feel GREAT!

Many people think that violin plays only sad songs. :-/ (Even I thought the same way) But, I have been always attracted to violin and felt respect towards people who play it fantastically. When I listen to some tunes like Ave Maria by Schubert or the Japanese orchestras, I feel that the notes reach directly to one’s heart. In other words, I think it’s very soulful and expressive music.

And now that I am able to play it, I like it even more!


2 thoughts on “They call it: The toughest string instrument to play 8-)

  1. Its really a great and tough job you are practising.
    But, I know you will definitely be able to rule over it..
    All The Best n Keep Rocking! 🙂

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