Excitement makes (things) or breaks (things)!

Keep your nerves cool.It helps. But, it is not working for me.

I am always very excited.Or should I say, I get excited very easily. Most of the times, it shows on my face and in my behavior. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

But, at all times, I am all excited. 😀

Now, does excitement mean that I lose my mental ability to think & act & decide normally? I really don’t know.

But, excitement enters my head almost naturally.I can’t prevent it. Like, when I see something very huge, very beautiful or very terrifying, I get excited.

I vividly remember all those events, when I am or was super-excited.

  • When I had the first glimpse of the night-view of the illuminated “Petronas Towers” in Malaysia, my jaw dropped.

  • When I saw the snow-clad mountains, the valleys and the gushing river all-in-one shot, my ever excited mind’s joy knew no bounds.

  • When I watch a horror movie or scene (essentially comprising of ghosts) my face goes white, eyes bulge out and I am about to start nail-biting. 😛

  • When my dream of having a tour of the Big Animation Studio came true, I can’t describe how I felt. But, surely I was dumbfound.

  • When at the Bhonsala military camp, I desperately wanted to do a physical activity (that was crossing a river valley with a single rope by hanging on it upside down.) When asked, I shot my hand up, almost out of sheer excitement. I did it. And later found that I was the only girl to do it on the camp!

  • When I got my only precious gift on my 18th birthday, I was so excited that my mind went blank on how to express my feelings to the friend.

  • When I am really inspired by reading a book or find the suspense or thrill of the character actually inside me, I am lost of words for a long time after keeping the book away.

  • When I was able to ride bicycle at full speed without anybody’s support and felt the wind blowing by my ears, my heart was about to explode with happiness.

  • When I get a new idea about some plan or project to be an entrepreneur, I am so excited that I choke up my throat while drinking water. 😛

  • When I am doing nothing but suddenly my mind flashes memories (happy or sad) to me, I drop objects in my hand, I stumble, I fall or sometimes even hit objects nearby!

Well, these are just a few things in my long-list of exciting things and memories.

At home, whenever I don’t talk for long, my mum comes to inquire, thinking that something is wrong with me. 😛

Well, she is right most of the times.

But, what comes after it is that, she keeps me telling that if I don’t talk or make faces, or describe events or tell my ideas (or just do something in excitement) for long, she feels that the house becomes quiet and the so-called ‘charm’ fades away. So, according to her it’s OK to be excited.

My brother says, whenever he calls me he feels good on hearing my excited voice over the telephone (& even says that I am his chief-motivator! Am I really Dada?)

So, that’s why however hard I try to keep my mind cool, it always seizes to listen to me. But, I have experienced that excitement works. It gets things done with passion & I enjoy doing them more.

But, still is being excited all the time right?


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