Enough is enough: India’s 9/11

Yesterday I watched NDTV’s famous journalist Barkha Dutt’s all popular,
one hour show WE, THE PEOPLE.
(Ignoring the fact that I had my semester paper a day after :-P)

It was a special episode on the current terror attacks with guests from different spectrums be it television, police force or just another celebrity and of course the common people.

It was named:
“Enough is enough: India’s 9/11”

This show has always been providing loads of information and has been a thought provoking one for me. 🙂

On the show, people not only shared their grievances being the victims (like most other channels) but wanted to find a solution (by hook or by crook)

Many interesting facts were laid down.
People talked openly about their anguish regarding politicians.
They openly stated that India really has had ENOUGH!
People criticized as well as gave an open ear to others views.

I have always found an amazing charm in the way Barkha Dutt conducted this show. 😀

This show surely brought about what needs to be done.
Though nobody speaks about “How it needs to be done?”

Within the last few minutes of the show Simi Garewal (a guest) says something like, “Last time America was attacked (i.e. the actual 9/11) they showed with proper tactics that they are ready for a war. They proved that their lives cannot be meddled with.
And see, they never suffered that kind of a terrible situation again.”

She meant that we don’t have to be sufferers all the time.
The image of our country has been like: “Come. Kill us. We are open 24 hours.”

But to my astonishment, a young man sitting on the show got agitated.
He criticized her saying,”War is not the solution. People like her are responsible for such thoughts.”

Well, He later apologized.
But that leaves many unanswered questions. 😐

The show is available here:
Enough is Enough


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