When I started this blog,
I have always followed a rule
to refrain from mentioning anyone’s name in any of my post.
(Check if you don’t believe!)

But, here’s a slight change.
The name is not in the post…it’s a title. πŸ˜€

Words from Dumbledore :
“It is our choices that show what we truly are, than our abilities.”

“Nima” is the best choice I ever made 9 years back.

As it’s often said…
“Destiny is not a matter of chance, It’s a matter of choice.”
And I wonder how true it is!

If there is a thing called luck in this whole world,
I say it with pride, I am the luckiest.

It must be happening rarely in ages that there is a person who believes in other person’s abilities, more than the original person.
And I will perhaps never know, why do you Nima, believe in me SO MUCH!

What makes a person special?

Ask this to people and you will get hundred different answers.
Ask me.
And I will say that,
Even if you are the dumbest person around,
It’s only people like Nima, who can make you “special”.

God can shower you with a hundreds of shooting stars.

He can grant tens and hundreds of your wishes.

But only once in your life,
you are gifted with the most precious person in your life
which is a ‘TRUE FRIEND’.
And in my life, it was, it is and will always be

No matter how I put it.
No matter how I decorate it.
No matter how I express it.

What matters to me, is Nima, you to know that…
You always shine in my heart like a THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS


3 thoughts on “Nima

  1. Hey it was realy heart warming to read abt Nima..I congratulate u to have got a wonderfl person around u in ur life…N i wish all the luck to have ur true fren’s company thru out ur life…
    I knw its none of my business to ask…still m curious to know dat who Nima is…n y is she so special to u?
    Jus out of criosity ok to get to know wat is a true frend…no compulsion…!

  2. Oh! How could I put it in words.

    It can’t be described here.

    But,I will surely tell you if you are curious, the next time we meet and have ample free time. πŸ™‚

  3. Ankita dear, I don’t know what to write. Just need to convey you that i have read your post. (though its a bit late) I won’t tell you how i felt, i will do so when i meet you next time, for sure. Don’t worry. I am and won’t be mad at you. Whatever I say, the concluding words will never change. They will always be the same as always.
    Thankyou for being my DEAREST, LOVING AND BEST FRIEND.

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