Worklessness sucks!

Believe me, it’s the worst thing that can happen to you.
It’s a ghost that can haunt you at almost any moment… and like a dementor (reference…read Harry Potter :-]) it sucks all the “good” in you.

Being a workaholic may be treated or termed as something bad…actually the word “workaholic” alone sounds boring & bad.
But, it’s nothing compared to being out-of-work!

Imagine sitting on a chair, with almost nothing (nothing new*) on your mind, staring in to a distant point and doing absolutely nothing.
When I imagine myself… I get the same dizzy feeling one gets, when someone forces a cough syrup down one’s throat. 😀

A friend of mine (I won’t mention her name…coz she knows it’s her) once mentioned to me that she can sit idle for hours.
Being workless for about an hour now… I am in a position to throw an open challenge or declare a competition to all those who love being workless to try it on for a whole day….I assure you will give up…and start looking for work.

If I am to define worklessness, I will say, “It’s a disease of the worst kind.”
This disease is equally harmful for people of all ages.
Young and old alike can suffer a lot after being its victims.
Trust me; sometimes the suffering can be equal to a torture- mental as well as physical.

Empty mind is a devil’s workshop…they say.
And they say it as correctly as possible.

Don’t let it ever happen to you.
Being busy doing something (just anything) is the best prevention.

See…I had nothing to do…so I wrote this post 😉
So, keep yourself engaged and Keep Rocking!


2 thoughts on “Worklessness sucks!

  1. wel wel wel…
    wat can i say more..
    Its so true!!!
    How wel expressed yaar…n its das situation is so similar!!
    kay mhanu yaar!!

  2. Which friend? *raising one eyebrow* lol

    Try sitting idle and enjoy the random and interesting things which wave through your mind.


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