Diwali is over. Days aren’t safe anymore!

Only a few years ago, I am sure nobody thought that television was synonymous with reality shows. But, today scan all the channels and what you are bound to come across are only reality shows, one for each: dance, song, comedy and stunts on every channel.
We have got so used to them that, we will not be surprised if someday we get to know that some guy or girl in neighborhood is participant in one of them.

Just like all other things we, Indians have readily got “used to” one more thing. And that is undoubtedly “Bomb-Blasts”.

Does that term make you shiver?
Does cold-fear grip you, when you read that “64 killed in serial bomb-blasts in Guwahati”?
I know, the answer clearly is, “No. I am so used to reading this. That I just see those headlines or Newsflash and shuffle to another channel.”

But, I know some will agree with me, when I say that I get that prickly feeling when I see those dead bodies, blood all over, and people running around to save others or their own lives.

This is not the first time that such serial blasts are happening.
Any one (terrorists) who is behind this is sure to think that; “We will stay among you and kill you. Let’s see, who can stop us!”
And the truth is that nobody can/is doing anything.
The terrorists indeed create terror.
In Assam, after 11 blasts, red-alert had been declared, still 2 more blasts occurred. I think that proves their prowess, isn’t it?

What I am trying to say is that nothing is safe anymore.
Stay at home or move out, anybody can kill you.
Go to any public place: bus-stands, railway stations, parks, malls, temples…anywhere, you never know that you might just become the victim of just another disastrous bomb-blast.

So, hold your breaths, dear friends, Days aren’t safe anymore.


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