Dumbest staff at my college. (Lesson learnt: Always return the library books on time Or you are about to have the best time of your life)

I have been assured by my college’s clerical staff that some mistakes are not to be forgiven. 😦 A week ago, I have committed a horrible mistake….or that’s what they have made me feel about it.

For the first time in past 2 years, I forgot to return my library book before it’s return date.(I have always returned the books prior to the scheduled date) But, somehow this time I forgot.
When I went to issue some other book, I was notified that I have to return the previous book (about which I was clueless) along with a fine of Rs. 80/-
Some of my friends had told me that such types of fines are to be paid at the end of the session.
So I didn’t bother. Then the next time, when I returned some other book, the librarian started screaming at me, “Go and pay the fine first. Jab tak fine nahi bharoge, book issue nahi hoga.”
Seeing his rudeness, I thought had there been no glass wall between us, he would have practically kicked me out of the library. 😛

I was calm that day. I told him that I will go and pay the fine. (Because…I needed the book desperately. I had the paper next day!)
This being the first time for me, I asked him where was I supposed to pay the fine?
After being polite I expected him to be cool. But with more bitterness in his tone, he simply said, “Accounts Section!”

I quickly headed towards the office. In the office, I met another sir, whom I told about my condition. Much not to my surprise now, he replied coldly, “To pay the library fine, you have to bring a written note from the librarian.”
Now, I went back to my so-very-kind librarian. This time, I don’t know what made him so upset…more than before. As I asked him to give me a note, he almost shouted on the top of his voice, “Ye humara kaam nahi hai. Aap pehle fine bharke aao, phir baat karo!”
I was helpless. They neither did let me pay the fine nor issue the book. 😦
What to do?

I decided to go to the head librarian. I went to him and told my story.
Thank goodness! He wasn’t rude or impolite at all. Instead he quickly started writing a note for me. Just as he had begun, some other ladies from our library came there talking in the shrillest voices and complaining that they needed a day-off. I was staring at their faces. The dumbest of them all was in the forefront. Now, he left my note and started solving their issue. By now, my head was almost spinning.

I waited and waited. Finally, the “madames-e-sdmp” went away and he just wrote 3 words “Pay 80rs fine” and signed on a scrambled paper. I left his office thinking…what if he would have written that note 15 minutes ago!
Now, I went back to my dearest section in the college – The Accounts. I quickly found the sir. He said, “Oh! You’ve got the note. Go to the sir seating in the that office.” pointing towards a cabin.
For the first time that day, he welcomed me with a bright smile on his weary face.
And said, “Don’t you know I don’t deal such jobs. Go to the queue outside. And pay the fine to the madam sitting inside the Accounts window!”
I left his office without uttering a word over this.

The window was closed. I opened it. It was the same lady who takes our annual fees with a lot of fuss and chaos. I thought, “Yeah!” 
I showed her the note and the money. It was hard for me to repeat my sad-story before her. But I didn’t give up. I repeated with a lot if “enthusiasm” this time.
She looked at me for a while. Then said, “I don’t have the receipt. I have sent a boy to bring it. But he hasn’t returned yet. You will have to wait. Or else come tomorrow.”
See, now you can know why I think that this was the most horrible mistake, I ever committed at the college. 😛

My friends were getting late because of me. I gave up this time.
I issued THE book on one of friend’s library card. Thanks a lot for that friend!
And I left college….cursing the staff, imagining myself writing at this blog and with a question: Can’t my college authorities employ some kind and intelligent staff?

And remember, no matter what,


2 thoughts on “Dumbest staff at my college. (Lesson learnt: Always return the library books on time Or you are about to have the best time of your life)

  1. I saw you in the library today! what were you doing there after all this? 😀
    strong enough to bear those shrill and impoilte voices?

  2. Yeah!
    These people are simply “good for nothing” or I would say that’s what they’ve become.

    But seriously, I have learn’t a lot of things at SDMP. 🙂

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