Watch out! Copy cats and dogs all around!

While writing these lines I am unable to control my laughter.
It just happened that I got to know one more thing that people are copying from me.
So I quickly began to write this post.

If I start writing the list of things that I find people copying, I am sure of myself getting bored, because I think it’s really horrible that people simply and blindly try to copy someone or pretend something else, which is far from their original self.
Initially, I used to get irritated when I noticed that, if I do something one day, the same thing is done by someone else, the another day.
But, now I feel different. I am actually amused at the fact that people actually want to actually copy ‘MY’ stuff. 🙂
Many might have encountered such people around them. Because after experiencing this many times, I have started to think that these copy-cats are on a “search” or a “quest” where they keep looking for something they could possibly copy. 😀

“Copying is so un-cool and just anything….but original is so cool.”
Why can’t people stop being Xerox machines?
Why don’t they behave as they are – the true self?
Can’t anybody tell them that when they copy, they make a fool of themselves and appear more stupid than what they actually are?

To put in my GenX lingo: I’ll say: Come on people, get some life for you and even for me.
At least try to be a little original!


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