For those Big Souvenirs! :-)

To celebrate the launch of our first magazine, the team byte of our magazine went for a party. πŸ™‚

After having food, we went to a nearby gaming zone in a mall, almost unknowingly. πŸ˜› (This was the first time I spent 3 hours at such a place.)

I enjoyed a lot & I got to know a lot more.
I was “amazed” at the brilliant idea of the owners of the game zone to draw huge amount of money from the masses.

The basic idea behind it was that: once you enter the zone, firstly you have to buy a card (worth Rs. 100 to 1000/- cash)
The card looks just like one’s regular credit/debit card.
To play any game, you have to swipe that card in a slot on that game machine.
Every game has different rate like 10 Rs, 25 Rs, 40 Rs. etc.

When you complete one game, you get a strip of tickets.
The no. of tickets is equal to the points you score in the game.

You have to collect such tickets to get the souvenir of your choice (that essentially consists of teddy bears, pencil boxes, crayons, stuff toys etc.)
The bigger the souvenir, greater the no. of tickets you need to exchange in order to acquire it.
What a great idea indeed!

I bet, the owners must be “Really Rich” by now.

Because, the crowd that it pulled was countless. Age no bar.
All poured a generous sum of money from their pockets to get those gifts.

We got 133 tickets in the 3 hours we spent there. But, we were 11 people.
And the smallest souvenir was a pencil worth 10 tickets.
Nobody agreed to take it. All wanted to have something larger.
My group decided to keep the tickets and come again next time to get more tickets.

So, now you see, the greater idea was this one:
When we asked them if these tickets can be used later, the girl on the counter answered that, the tickets are valid for a life time.
That was the trick. It’s simple. They know that out of the greed for more, people would come again & again.
And we have fallen for it.

I just can’t imagine how much money these people might be making in a single day.
Not just the game zone owners, but even the managers of the rest of the mall.
I can make this out because, after playing there for so much time, its usual for anyone to become thirsty.
And we had no source of water. We inquired if we could get some drinking water around. We didn’t find any.
So, we had to buy the water bottles at higher rate than usual. 😦

That’s the way they rob you, infront of your eyes, even when you are completely cautious.

Just Kidding! Anyways, but this is how they make so much amount of the Precious $Money$

But, serious thinking apart, I had loads of fun their today.
Still, I haven’t decided yet if I am going there again….for those big souvenirs. πŸ˜‰


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