I spoke from my heart!

I have been working on creating a magazine for my computer department for the last one and a half month. And I proudly mention that I was the editor.

Today was its inauguration day.

And this was my speech, which was appreciated by all.

“Hello friends,

I am Ankita Katdare, a member of the team byte. As my team-mates mentioned, I am here to share a few experiences of the process of creation of The Byte with you all.

All of us have gathered here today for the inauguration of The Byte. But let me tell you, our team was never sure that we would really make this day happen. But today, I am very sure that the collective feelings in the minds of all my team mates can not be put into words.

In fact, our experience is just like reading a novel which is full of different incidents. Each chapter has a different story to tell. Each holds a special memory. Each chapter was a fun-filled learning activity.

The story of this novel rolls back to the initial days of our 2nd year…

It was our H.O.D, Jethwa sir’s 1st official lecture in our class. We expected that he will ask for our introductions and brief us about the syllabus. But, instead he started telling us about the various activities that he wished to conduct in the department. All of us were surprised. This was the first time he mentioned about a something called a technical magazine by the students, for the students. From that very moment, it was the beginning of what I can call a new voyage, a new journey………

The team wants to give a heart-felt thanks to Jethwa Sir for so many things…. Right from igniting our minds to think creative, he guided us in every single stage.

He gave us both: the opportunity and the platform.

For all the times we kept disturbing him to ask little doubts and queries.

For all the times we stood in his office to discuss new ideas.

For always being there when we needed him.

For teaching us the practical ways of dealing with things.

And even for bearing with our immature ways, really sir, the word thank you seems very small to express our gratitude towards you.

As I mentioned earlier, this idea was put forth in our third semester. And it took almost a year to accomplish what we had dreamt of.

In 2nd year, we faced many obstacles. It was like a hurdle race. Back then, we never thought that this was practically possible. But as one of our team member says,

“Hum to yuhi chal padte the,

unjaani raahein thi,

lekin log judte gaye….

Aur Karwan banta chala gaya!”

We think, These lines describe this journey perfectly.

Now, we had landed in our 3rd and final year. But, This time with a new enthusiasm and a determined attitude to fulfill the long-held dream. We all know that, in final year all the students are pretty serious about their academics. We too are. But just the idea of trying something new, somehow tempted us. We were inspired. And literally, the past 1 month was like a Roller Coaster ride, which was full of thrill and excitement for all of us.

At this point, I want to convey a message to all of our lecturers. Thank you sir and ma’am for letting us do the editing and designing work between your lectures. Without your help and co-operation, this was just not possible at all. And We assure you that, from this day onwards the so-called “magazine committee” will attend all the lecturers regularly.

Coming back to the story, Initially, We began with lot of brain-storming sessions. First and foremost issue was the naming the magazine. We wanted it to be young as well as technical. And as you can see, the name Byte served both the purposes. So, the name became, THE BYTE.

We proceeded further with deciding the sections and collecting articles for the magazine. Though, it was fun to be working with a group of 12 individuals. You may happen to know that when there are 12 people and all are working on a totally new task ….each one has something new to offer. When so many heads meet, everyone starts having a point.

I think…I am unable to count that how many times we have had real big debates while editing, designing and things where the question was who will do what?

What the team feels is that….the next time we watch a 3 hour movie, we are not going to find the flaws in it. Because now we know that why does the director need 1 or 2 years just to create 3 hour entertainment?

I remember how, we STARED at the monitors for hours while designing the inner pages. We had some real head-ache in settling on for the different page-formats, the borders, the alignments, and what not. Sometimes, we lost lot of data due to those scary viruses in pen-drives or simply due to load-shedding. We always scanned all the pen drives and we constantly reminded each other to keep pressing ctrl s, every few minutes. Sir has taught us a new lesson: Always have two things: Back-up and Buffer.

Once we completed this. We had another very important job. That was of printing. We have gone for a countless no. of times to the printing press. Deciding the best, but low-cost press, the right paper, the proper format. It was all so new. If not for The Byte, It was something we would have never experienced.

Just a couple of days back, finally the 400 copies of the magazine came fresh out of the press. And believe my words; the team’s joy knew no bounds. All the hard work seemed worth it. Infact, It’s a dream come true. As it happens commonly in all the stories, our story too became a success.

On a concluding note, I would say I feel honored to get the opportunity to stand and speak here today. Because if you ask any one of the team members to share their experiences, each one will willingly tell you this story with a different point of view. But, ultimately, all of us are a part of the same story or the same team, the team byte. All the things we have learned in this process will help us throughout our personal as well as professional life.

On behalf of the team, I urge the upcoming batch to be a part of this journey and contribute everything you can. Because friends, trust me, this is worth spending all the time in the world. You will learn while you enjoy. And lastly, when you see your own creation, you will realize its true value.

This is the first time that something like this is happening in our department. For the magazine, we believe, it’s just a beginning. It will improve with every next issue. We need to continue the story…with a greater spirit. That way, It will definitely go a long way.

This was all about our experience.

The team byte wishes all of you a good time reading The Byte.

Thanks a lot.”


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